Michelin XAS
Michelin XAS

Michelin XAS

The Michelin XAS is a classic tyre that first hit the tyre market back in 1965.


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Product description & features for Michelin XAS

The Michelin XAS was first launched in 1965 and was the first tyre to feature an asymmetric tread design.

The outside and inside of the tyre perform separate jobs to provide an overall optimal balanced performance.

Michelin's XAS was developed to take into account the seperate functions of the tyre's shoulders, sidewalls and various parts of the crown, making for a more effective overall performance.

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All 165's

  • 165/80 R14 H (84)
    • Vintage Tyre
    • Tube Required
  • This tyre is exempt from Tyre Labelling
  • at £156.00

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