Toyo Tires

Through their uncompromising pursuit of excellence Toyo Tires have become one of the world's leading tyre producers, selling products in 80 countries.

Toyo's goal has always been to produce high quality tyres that offer outstanding road holding in all conditions, at all speeds with the minimum amount of noise and the maximum amount of life.

In the UK, Toyo Tires have a range of tyres to fit anything from a supermini to a juggernaut and their Ultra-High Performance Proxes T1-R is fast becoming the tyre of choice for those looking to change their standard wheel/tyre package for a larger aftermarket option.

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The Toyo 310 is a summer tyre with excellent performance and enhanced grip on dry surfaces.
An economical tyre, the Toyo 330 performs highly in wet conditions.
The Toyo 350 is a new entry level tyre developed specifically for small and medium sized cars.
The H08 has been designed to meet the requirements for a wide variety of modern transport vehicles that frequently drive on the motorway.
NanoEnergy 3

The Toyo NanoEnergy 3 is the lastest model in the NanoEnergy range. The tyre offers better wet performance and lower fuel consumption than its predecessor.

NanoEnergy R38A
The Toyo NanoEnergy R38A is a car tyre designed with fuel efficiency as a priority.
Open Country A20C

The Toyo Open Country A20C is a 4x4 tyre designed to deliver good traction in dry and wet condtions.

Open Country All Terrain
Open Country A/T gives aggressive wet and snow traction with exceptional mileage for pickups, vans and sports utility vehicles.
Open Country Highway Terrain
The all season Highway Terrain grips the road securely, offers a quiet, comfortable ride and has a long tyre wear life.

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