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Popular Premium Car Tyres

We know that it is important to choose the right tyres for your vehicle.
To ensure that there is a choice for every motorists, Blackcircles.com stocks a vast array of different tyres - from premium to budget. We want to ensure every customer has access to new, safe tyres - regardless of their budget.

Our customers have left over 227895 tyre reviews

Here are a selection of their favourite Premium tyres

Bridgestone Turanza T005

A high performance car tyre, developed to deliver an enjoyable driving experience.

  • // Strong wet grip
  • // Reliable handling
  • // Long tread life
  • // Most popular size ordered - 225/45 R17
Bridgetone Turanza T005

Michelin Pilot Sport 5

Giving you sports performance designed to last, the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 allows you to enjoy each moment.

  • // Powerful braking performance
  • // Dynamic response technology for optimum steering
  • // Improved tread design for maximum confidence
Pilot Sport 5

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2

Goodyear have developed the Efficient Grip Performance 2 for increased braking performance in wet weather.

  • // Increased braking ability in wet weather
  • // Enhanced dry cornering stability
  • // Proven to last 20% longer than the next best competitor*
Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance 2

Continental Eco Contact 6

Designed for maximum fuel efficiency, the Eco Contact 6 is the ideal tyre for the eco-friendly driver.

  • // Maximum fuel efficiency
  • // Increased mileage due to new Green Chili 2.0 compound
  • // Improved grip and handling experience
  • // Most popular size ordered - 205/55 R16
Continental Eco Contact 6

Pirelli P Zero (PZ4)

An Ultra High Performance tyre, designed for top of the range vehicles.

  • // Ultra high performance tyre
  • // Comfortable drive
  • // High silica content for wet performance
Pirelli P Zero (PZ4)

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

Designed for high performance and sports cars, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S offers an unparalleled driving experience due to exceptional steering precision and directional stability.

  • // Optimum handling performance
  • // Optimised surface footprint
  • // Excellent wet grip and braking
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

Premium Tyres: Frequent Asked Questions

What are premium tyres?

Premium tyres are generally considered to be high-quality tyres that offer superior performance, durability, and safety when compared to mid-range or budget tyres. They are often manufactured by reputable brands known for their advanced technology, extensive research, and rigorous testing.

What is the difference between premium tyres and mid-range tyres?

Premium tyres, produced by reputable manufacturers, excel in performance, durability, and safety due to advanced technology and specialized features. They offer superior traction, handling, and overall quality. In contrast, mid-range tyres tend to strike a balance between performance and affordability - providing reliable performance without the same level of advanced technology and brand recognition as the premium options.

What is the difference between premium and budget tyres?

Premium tyres are known for their top-tier performance, advanced engineering, and cutting-edge features. Meticulously designed, they deliver exceptional traction, handling, and durability. On the other hand, budget tyres are a more affordable option - that compromise on certain performance aspects and technology. While they may meet basic safety standards, they generally offer lower levels of performance and longevity.

Are premium tyres good?

Premium tyres are highly regarded. Thanks to their superior performance, safety features, and durability. The levels of traction they provide are excellent with the added bonus of enhanced handling and shorter braking distances. This makes them a preferred choice for motorists seeking optimal driving experiences and who are not afraid to pay a high price to get it.

Why is a premium tyre better and more expensive?

Premium tyres make use of advanced technology, innovative tread designs, and high-quality materials. All this combines to deliver superior performance and top-of-the-range safety benefits. Their higher price often reflects the extensive research, development, and manufacturing processes involved in creating the tyres.

How long do premium tyres last?

The lifespan of premium tyres depends on various factors - such as driving conditions, maintenance, and the driving habits of the motorist. However, on average, it is fair to say a premium tyre can last anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000 miles. In some instances, this could be greater and in others, it could be less.

Do premium tyres save fuel?

Premium tyres often feature advanced tread compounds and designs that prioritize fuel efficiency performance. By reducing rolling resistance, these tyres help to improve the fuel economy of a car and, at the same time, reduce carbon emissions. However, the actual fuel savings may vary depending on driving style and the performance of the vehicle.

Can you mix premium and budget tyres?

While it's not ideal, it is technically possible to mix premium and budget tyres. However, it is recommended to use matching tyres on all four wheels to maintain consistent performance. Mixing different types of tyres can result in imbalanced grip, handling characteristics, and compromised safety. If any mixing does take place, the tyres should at least match across the axles of the vehicle.

What are the benefits of having premium tyres?

Premium tyres offer numerous benefits, typically including excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces, top handling and responsiveness, shorter braking distances, improved comfort with reduced road noise, and increased longevity. They are designed to provide a high level of performance.

Is it premium tyres or premium tires?

The spelling can vary depending on regional language. In British English, it is typically spelled as "tyres," while in American English, it is spelled as "tires." Both terms refer to the same thing – high-quality tyres.

Popular car models for premium tyres

The extensive range of premium car tyres stocked at Blackcircles.com is suitable for a wide range of vehicles - and available from a variety of renowned premium tyre manufacturer brands. Listed below are a number of the most popular vehicles that we currently supply premium tyres for, as well as the most popular sizes, that are used on these vehicles.

BMW 3 Series

Experience the epitome of luxury and performance with the BMW 3 Series.

  • // Sleek design and aerodynamic styling
  • // Advanced technology and intelligent features
  • // Precise handling and exhilarating performance
  • // Most popular size ordered - 255/35 R19
BMW 3 Series

Audi A3

The perfect blend of elegance and athleticism in the Audi A3

  • // Striking exterior design
  • // Advanced driver-assistance features
  • // A sporty and engaging ride
  • // Most popular size ordered - 225/40 R18
Audi A3

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Immerse yourself in refined luxury with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class

  • // Smooth and powerful performance
  • // Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • // State-of-the-art technology
  • // Most popular size ordered - 245/40 R18
Mercedes-Benz C-Class

MINI Hatch

Embrace the iconic charm and personality of the MINI Hatch

  • // Distinctive design and customisable options
  • // Seamless connectivity and entertainment
  • // Agile handling and nimble maneouverability
  • // Most popular size ordered - 205/45 R17
Mini Hatch

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