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Michelin Alpin 5Michelin Primacy 3Michelin Pilot Sport 3Michelin Pilot Super Sport

All-round safety, from October to April

Excellent on dry, wet and snow
Enhanced steering precision
Greater traction on the snow

Michelin Alpin 5 tyre label
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Safety to the power of 3

Excellent braking in dry or wet
Improved cornering in wet conditions
Enhanced longevity

Michelin Primacy 3
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For sport-oriented vehicles

Improved handling and cornering
Enhanced longevity
Lower rolling resistance

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyre label
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Homologated for the road, designed for the circuit

Beyond 50% more laps and faster*
Endurance Competition technologies
MICHELIN Total Performance

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2tyre label
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Why choose Michelin - Michelin Total Performance
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(1) 2012 TNS Sofres survey carried out in the 5 main European markets with over 9,000 consumers (2) On average, compared to its main competitors in the European Market, based on the major market tyre sizes. Tests by TÜV SÜD 2009-2011, DEKRA 2009-2013 and AutoBild 2011-2013 (3) N° 1 in innovation for European Consumers. 2012 TNS Sofres survey carried out in the 5 main European markets with over 9,000 consumers (4) Michelin - Reference Co-development Partner of Porsche

Discover our ongoing commitment to uncover better understanding of driving usage to develop tyres that deliver MICHELIN Total Performance.

Only 5% of winter accidents happen on snow-covered roads
On a wet road at 50mph, winter tyres shorten braking distance by 4 metres


You need a tyre that can match the many driving challenges you face each day. A tyre that delivers Total Performance. Because a tyre that only masters one performance factor won’t always be there for you when you need it most. With MICHELIN Total Performance, all key performance factors are brought together in one tyre.

From the 2014 FIA Formula E to Le Mans 24 hours, Follow MICHELIN tyres as its engineers, designers and experts develop exceptional high performance tyres, designed and inspired by Motorsport, to deliver high performance on the road.

Watch the 2014 Michelin highlights of the Beijing FIA Formula E
Beijing Highlights - 2014 FIA Formula E - Michelin

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