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Top 5 best electric hot hatches 2024

Hyundai Ioniq 5N

History’s most legendary hot hatches offer an enticing blend of performance and practicality. With their instantaneous power delivery, low centre of gravity, and usable everyday range, these hot EVs promise to do the same.

The hot hatch is a beloved sub-segment - especially here in the UK. Since the MK1 VW Golf GTI drew the genre into sharp focus in the late 1970s, petrolheads young and old have revelled in the duality of this nippy vehicle. One that can satisfy daily duties and their inner racing driver.  

Trying to replace anything with such a devout following was always going to be a challenge, but replace they must, as the 2035 ban on new ICE cars looms large. As manufacturers scramble to produce engaging alternatives to petrol-power several seem to have already struck gold. 

As more petrolheads switch combustion engines for charging points, we dive into our five favourite electric hot hatches working to assuage the apathy towards a plug-powered future.

5. MG4 X Power

MG4 X Power
It might look a little ungainly, but the X Power is a serious performer.
Image credit: MG

Before its inevitable demise as part of the Rover group in 2005, MG gave the hot hatch thing a good old go. But, with the exception of the cult Metro 6R4, all failed to garner the same enthusiasm as the contemporary Honda Civic Type R and manual-less VW Golf GTI.  

Now though, with Chinese owners steering the ship, MG is set to do with electricity what it’s petrol-powered ancestors never could: shake up the hot hatch status quo.

In traditional hot hatch style, MG has taken the regular, practical MG4 and endowed it with sportscar-scaring performance. Courtesy of a new all-wheel-drive setup and an explosive 429 bhp, the X Power blasts its way to 62 mph in an incredible 3.8 seconds. That makes it considerably quicker than the petrol competition —  Ford’s Focus ST, Cupra’s Leon 300, and even the new-generation  Golf R. Not only is it faster than the alternative, it’s cheaper too: prices start from just £36,495.

The only drawback we can spot is a top speed pegged at a disappointing 124 mph. But, realistically, how often can you safely (and legally) reach such speeds?

4. Abarth 500e

Two Abarth 500e
The Abarth 500e captures the flamboyant essence of historic fast Fiats.
Image credit: Stellantis

For many, it’s not the performance figures which make a hot hatch special but, rather, the way it makes you feel. And, while EVs rarely struggle to impress when it comes to the stats, they’re often lacking character.  

Flipping that notion on its head, Abarth’s new electric 500e earns a spot on this list for its special brand of crazy charisma. From the synthesised electric guitar engine note to the vivid exterior colours, Abarth has pulled out all the stops to ensure the hot 500e isn’t another anodyne EV.  

But even if you find all that a bit childish, you’re sure to appreciate the way the Abarth gets down a road. With its diminutive dimensions and low, wide stance, the Abarth boasts an agile, frenetic driving experience that harks back to the likes of Peugeot’s epic 205 GTI.

3. Alpine A290

Alpine A290
Old meets new with this retro electrified hatch. But is it a true Alpine?
Image credit: Alpine

Famed for its pure and unencumbered driving machines, when Alpine announced it was turning its hand to electric hot hatches we immediately sat up and took notice.  

While technically not in road-ready format, the A290’s styling alone makes us think this it's packing something special. The boxy 1980s-inspired lines combined with bold LED accents give the French supermini a cyberpunk feel. 

The mechanicals are equally intriguing. Although no concrete performance data has been revealed, the most important aspect (the handling) promises to deliver. Electronic torque vectoring combined with finely-honed driving modes and bespoke Michelin rubber, should create a hot hatch that’s playful and stable.  

The new Alpine A290 is shaping up to become a cult classic — and it’s not even been released yet!

2. VW ID.3 GTX

The thinking-man's Golf GTI? It’ll certainly be cheaper to run.
Image credit: VW

When you already make one of the world’s most revered hot hatches, the bar is set pretty high when it comes to creating an electric alternative. Adding to that pressure, fans of the venerable Golf GTI harbor their own scepticisms about the move to EVs, so does the GTX have what it takes to cut through the noise?  

It certainly looks like it: as found out when we compared these hatches head to head. Immediately the GTX manages to one-up the Golf on account of its rear-drive layout – a setup that typically affords more adjustable and engaging driving dynamics. And, although the two cars sport near identical acceleration figures, the EV will feel faster in the real world thanks to the instantly accessible nature of those horses. 

What’s more, the GTX should be just as comfortable on the school run as it is hammering round the Nürburgring, given the ID.3’s fundamental shape remains untouched. Is the world ready for an electric Golf GTI? We’ll soon find out…

1. Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

Hyundai Ioniq 5N
The Ioniq 5 N is unlike anything else out there.
Image credit: Hyundai

While other hot EVs offer an intriguing insight into the future of performance motoring, Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N is the first to receive genuine praise from the world’s most discerning automotive journalists. The 5 N is not just fun for an EV, it’s fun full stop.  

It’s clear that from day one Hyundai’s N division was hellbent on putting driver engagement at the top of the agenda. Going to extreme lengths to achieve this, they decided to engineer a simulated 8-speed gearbox and driving modes which mimic the power delivery of a combustion engine. Clever, but the system can also be deactivated for when you’d rather use the seamless shove of an electric motor.  

In truth, the Ioniq 5 N’s 641-bhp output and over £60,000 starting price make it more of a super hatch, than a regular hot one. Even so — if you can afford it — we think this is the best fast electric hatchback on sale. 

Thinking about going electric for your next hot hatch? Tell us your fast EV shortlist.

Hero image credit: Hyundai

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