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All-new 2024 BMW X2 debuts with EV and M Power petrol variants

New BMW iX2

BMW’s overdue X2 has finally landed. From engines and efficiency to price and performance, we have all you need to know about the Audi Q3 and Polestar 2 rival.

We’ve long been hungry for a new X2; the outgoing model sat somewhat awkwardly in the BMW range as the final car with a previous-generation interior and old-hat tech.

But, at long last, Bavaria’s finest have come to the table — and they’ve brought breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at once.

Just like the old car the new X2 occupies a niche within a niche. Classified by BMW as a Sports Activity Coupe (SAC), the new car is the slightly sleeker, more athletic sibling of the X1 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). And, straight from the off, BMW has laid its cards out with a comprehensive line-up of powertrains for buyers to choose from.

The hefty sum of — queue sharp intake of breath — £39,000, buys a base S-drive 20i (two-wheel-drive), which achieves 168 bhp and 47 mpg via a mild-hybrid-endowed 1.5-litre petrol engine. Move up a rung on the model ladder and things start to get a little confusing.

Lotus Emeya rear view
From the rear the new iX2 looks like a smaller version of the X4, with angular shapes and a swooping roofline. 
Image credit: BMW

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The M35i xDrive (all-wheel-drive) is presumably touted as the performance flagship, with its 2.0-litre petrol engine posting an impressive 296 bhp and 0-60 in around 5.4 seconds. What’s confusing about that, then? Well, priced from £47,000, the hot petrol model undercuts the slower all-electric iX2 by almost ten grand.

If you can stomach the eye-watering asking price, there are plenty of other reasons to buy the EV X2. First and foremost is the torque (364lb ft) and effortless power delivery, which may be a shade slower than the petrol car to 60 mph, but will probably feel far quicker out on the open road. There’s also a respectable range of 266 miles to play with, courtesy of a 64.8 KWh battery which can be charged from 10 to 80% in just 29 minutes from a fast-charging outlet.

Helping to eke every last mile out of that available range, Continental has developed a unique version of its highly efficient  EcoContact 6 specifically for use with the iX2. Tweaked for BMW’s application, the EcoContact 6 should provide the best of both worlds in terms of grip and range — as evidenced when we tested the generic variant of the same tyre at the Contidrom facility in Germany.

BMW X2 M35i Exterior
X2 M35i benefits from a host of M Performance upgrades.
Image credit:  BMW

Whichever configuration you pick, the styling will be radically different from the old F39 generation model. New Kidney grilles take centre stage and can now be emphasised by optional LED lighting entitled Iconic Glow. Go for the electric version and this changes to a faux grille which is designed to improve aerodynamics and thus range.

According to BMW, ‘The roofline, which flows along an unbroken path into the rear end, creates a slim, coupé-shaped silhouette and proportions in the signature style of an SAC from BMW. At the rear, the prominently flared wheel arches and muscular shoulders come to the fore.’ Although we’ll leave you to decide if the new look is a triumph or a tragedy.

On the inside, those familiar with the current (U11) X1 will feel right at home, as the X2 borrows much of the former car’s interior design language. It’s well equipped too. In standard M-Sport spec you get all the creature comforts you might need: heated seats, sat-nav, a reversing camera, and a large wraparound instrument displaying running on BMW latest Operating System 9, to name but a few.

Lotus Emeya wheels with Michelin tyres
The iX2’s interior combines minimalism with premium materials – although at this price point you would expect nothing less.
Image credit:  BMW

BMW has been far more generous with the space on offer as well. Thanks to an increase in dimensions across the board you now get a whopping 115 litres more boot space than before. In fact, the 560 litres of seats-up space offered by ICE X2s, will make them considerably more practical than most rivals — Audi Q3 Sportback and Polestar 2 included. We just hope that cranking up the car’s length and width hasn’t resulted in a cumbersome driving experience.

Overall, it would appear that BMW has done a commendable job renovating the dowdy X2, and first buyers will be understandably smitten when they take delivery in March 2024. However, we bet the lack of a diesel option (on UK shores at least) might leave a sour taste in some customers’ mouths as they make a swift detour to buy a Q3 instead. Which version of the new X2 do you think makes the most sense?

Hero image credit:  BMW  

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