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BMW X1 chooses Continental tyres

BMW X1 on the road
Continental tyres

We expect a lot from SUVs, and when they come with a BMW badge our expectations are raised even higher.

It means the BMW X1 has a lot to live up to, but then this is also one of the best SUVs in its class.

BMW X1 interior
Interior cabin of the BMW X1Image credit: BMW

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Up against rivals like the Land Rover Evoque and Volvo XC40, it’s no wonder BMW has gone all out in the style stakes with the X1. It uses the German firm’s current trend towards a distinctly large front grille, which works well with the SUV shape of the X1.

The design of the X1 also means there’s more than enough space inside this SUV for all the family. Whether you’re sat in the front or back, there’s ample room for heads, legs, and elbows, and the driver has a good view out in all directions. This is a big part of the appeal of an SUV for many drivers and the BMW doesn’t disappoint.

BMW X1 on the road
Featuring 26 cubic feet of luggage space and 57 cubic feet with the rear seats folded.Image credit: BMW

Nor does it fall short when it comes to how the X1 drives.

here’s just the right amount of BMW sportiness when you want to have some fun on a quiet country road, with the standard Continental EcoContact 6 Q tyres serving up lots of grip in corners and fine steering feel.

For all the other driving you will use a BMW X1 for, it does this with ease and is helped by the EcoContact 6 tyres that keep road noise to a minimum and help to get the best economy and efficiency. The X1 can be ordered as a plug-in hybrid, so these tyres also work to offer a good electric-only driving range that is better than many of its similarly powered rivals.

BMW also offers the X1 with Continental’s WinterContact TS860 S tyres for sure-footed winter driving if you live in a more remote part of the country or need the extra grip these tyres provide on slippery roads.

Wherever you find yourself in the BMW X1, it’s always a pleasure to drive the car and spend time in its superbly well built cabin. You’ll also find it has one of the best satellite navigation systems to use, so there’s no excuse needed for setting course to a far-flung destination whenever the mood takes you.

Heading off on a long journey is simple in the X1 as you have a choice of petrol-hybrid, diesel, and diesel-hybrid power, as well as the all-electric iX1 model with a range of up to 270 miles on a single charge. It also means there’s an X1 to suit any driver’s needs, unlike some of its competitors. For anyone who wants and expects a lot from their SUV, the X1 lives up to those demands in a way that remains recognisably BMW because it’s fun to drive, the quality of its build, and for the practical design.

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