Pirelli is the fifth largest operator in the world in the tyre sector, and is the leader in “Premium” tyres, the high range segments with high technological content. Founded in 1872, today Pirelli counts 19 tyre industrial plants, in four continents, operating through a widespread sales network in over 160 countries around the world.

The Italian firm won the tender to supply tyres exclusively to the FIA Formula One World Championship from 2011-2013. In Pirelli’s on-going motorsport history, its Formula One adventure is the latest chapter. The leading Italian company has been involved in motorsport competitions for more than a century, with the epic Paris to Peking road race its first win in 1907.

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The Carrier features an all new tread pattern and compound to make it a truly premium van product.
Carrier Camper

The Pirelli Carrier Camper is a van tyre, developed to provide motorists with excellent mileage and rolling resistance.

  • Improved safety in aquaplaning and moderate winter conditions
  • Control on slippery surfaces
  • Safety with high loads in all winter conditions
Chrono Camper
The Pirelli Chrono Camper is a van tyre, developed to deliver high levels of performance, even with heavy loads.
Chrono Winter (Winter Tyre)
Commercial winter tyre provides superb performance in all winter conditions.
Characterised by safety and integrity at high speed, the Pirelli Eufori@ Run Flat tyre lends itself to severe and mixed conditions, thanks to excellent grip characteristics whilst cornering
L6 Citynet
P Zero

The P Zero is Pirelli's answer to the ultra high performance tyre market - designed for the most prestigious of premium vehicles

P Zero Asimmetrico
Attractive new asymmetric tread design with superior handling and braking characteristics. Improved structural stiffness for high performance driving and integrity
P Zero Corsa
An ultra high performance tyre, developed alongside car manufacturers in the high performance sector.