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Maxxis Tyres

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Maxxis tyres are an international tyre brand, dedicated to delivering high performance tyres to their customers.

i Our range of motorbike tyres are currently available by mail order only.

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Maxxis International have been developing and designing high quality mid-range tyres for a variety of different vehicle types - including truck, car and motorbike.

Maxxis distributes their tyres to over 180 countries and with manufacturing sites in Asia, Europe and North America is one of the largest motorcycle tyre manufacturers in the world. 

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Frequent Asked Questions

Who owns Maxxis tyres?

Maxxis are owned by Cheng Shin Rubber, a Taiwanese tyre company founded in 1967. In the year that Cheng Shin Rubber were founded, the company established the Maxxis brand selling bike tyres, which would go on to be a flagship brand for the tyre selling company.

Who and where do Maxxis tyres get manufactured?

Maxxis distribute their tyres to a global audience, having operations throughout Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia. Maxxis' main facilities are located in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. This allows the tyre company to distribute their products in over 180 countries.

Is it Maxxis tyres or Maxxis tires?

The spelling of tyres/tires differs between the use of British English, and American English. For example, when Falken are operating in the United Kingdom the company will brand their products as 'Maxxis tyres', whereas in the United States, they would be referred to as 'Maxxis tires'.

How many miles do Maxxis tyres last?

Maxxis tyres can last an average range of 20,000 to 30,000 miles

Understanding Maxxis tyre codes

Tyre markings provide valuable information when choosing the right one, including width, aspect ratio, load and speed ratings, construction type, and wheel diameter. Look for brand, range, and details on tyre pressure, wear indicators, and winter suitability. OE markings indicate compatibility with specific car models.

Are Maxxis motorcycle tyres any good?

Maxxis has a strong reputation for developing and producing motorbike tyres which deliver a good performance. In total, Maxxis motorbike tyres at Blackcircles.com have received an X/5 rating from over X number of customers.