Kumho I'Zen KW27 Winter
IZen KW27 (Winter Tyre)-151x50
Kumho I'Zen KW27 Winter

Kumho I'Zen KW27 Winter

The I’Zen KW27 is a winter tyre designed for high performance cars and generally comes equipped with a rim protector.


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Product description & features for Kumho I'Zen KW27 Winter

This tyre is made from a compound with a higher silica content to a summer tyre to keep the tyre flexible at lower temperatures. It’s tread boasts 3-D sipes – these are key to the performance of an asymmetric tyre in any weather weather.

A directional tyre is higher performance in wet conditions as water is more effectively dispersed from between the tyre and the road but this asymmetric tyre is an excellent choice for snowy conditions as each central groove allows five different types of tread block to be used. It also means these tread blocks can stand out further from the tyre and therefore cut into the surface more effectively.

The closely-knit tread blocks help ensure the tyre retains its shape and stability and prevents fast wear despite the more malleable properties of the rubber compound. The inner shoulder of the tyre reflects the outer shoulder but is slightly more perpendicular than the outer shoulder blocks. This ensures the good and even grip of the tyre. Everything about this tread pattern shouts grip and stability.

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Overall rating of my tyres
The car feels better to drive
I would buy the same tyres again
The tyres were value for money
Car Make: Audi
Car Make: A4
Reviewed on: 10/12/2018

Very good makes driving more confident for road holding

Car Make: Vauxhall
Car Make: Astra
Reviewed on: 09/12/2017

Very good, smooth ride and little noise.

Car Make:
Car Make:
Reviewed on: 02/11/2015

I have always fitted so called winter tyres for their wet grip though out the year they are excellent

Car Make:
Car Make:
Reviewed on: 23/03/2013

Excellent tyres, winter tyres at this price is good enough, but my car feels like new again, handling improved, people asked why i was buying winter tyres at this time of year, but when does the temp go above 6 degrees in this country i ask

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  • 235/45 R17 V (97)
    • Tyre Fuel Efficiency Rating: C
    • Tyre Wet Grip Rating:E
    • Noise Emission / Exterior Noise: 72 dBs, 2 Bars
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