Hankook Ventus Prime 2 K115 SealGuard

Hankook Ventus Prime 2 K115 SealGuard

The Hankook Ventus Prime 2 K115 SEALGUARD is a summer car tyre designed for an effortless drive.

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Hankook Ventus Prime 2 K115 SealGuard product description & features

Providing an enhanced driving performance, the Ventus Prime 2 K115 SEALGUARD offers exceptional performance in both wet and dry conditions due to the innovative technology used.

The Hankook Ventus Prime 2 K115 SEALGUARD also delivers a ‘triple-radius profile’ to enhance grip in wet conditions. Within the tread pattern of the Ventus Prime 2 K115 SEALGUARD, the ‘Jaguar’s tooth’ design allows for optimal grip - enabling improved handling in all driving conditions.

The Ventus Prime 2 K115 SEALGUARD features ‘SEALGUARD’ technology. Designed by Hankook, this technology has been built to seal punctures of up to 5mm in diameter automatically. SEALGUARD technology is made up of an adhesive material coated throughout the inside of the tyre - reducing the need to immediately change the tyre.

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