Volkswagen car insurance

VW as part of the VAG group is one of the largest manufacturers in Germany. Renowned for producing high quality vehicles with excellent build quality. Pioneers of the hot hatch with the VW Golf the revolutionized the small car market and have been building on this reputation ever since. Prices for VW Insurance fall into a wide spread because of the variety in range of each model. However the image of VW has changed over recent years and this has had an impact on prices for VW Insurance stock complete ranges in Volkswagen tyres to suit your vehicle and your driving style. Contact our customer services team for impartial advice on 0845 620 2000 View our VW tyre resource at For tips on keeping your policy low click here.

Volkswagen Polo

VW Polo - Car insurance group 2 to Car insurance group 8 (depending on model owned)

The Polo has benefited recently from a facelift and is now far more practical than previous incarnations. However VW have still maintained the exceptional build quality throughout the range. Insurance for the Polo can be higher than other members of this class because prices can be higher than the competition and parts and servicing costs are also a bit on the steep side. However with the range of engines and trim levels available there will be a model to suite every taste. Safety has been looked into and this helps keep the overall insurance cost down. The Polo scores 4 stars on the NCAP safety tests. Overall an excellent practical choice for a small car small car.

VW Golf - Car insurance group 4 to Car insurance group 17 (depending on model owned)

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is one of the best known names in the motor industry. Recently its image has suffered with the GTi being a favourite of the boy racer brigade. The new Golf however benefits from a more mature image and is now roomy enough for a family of four, but as with all VW's build quality has not been compromised. Insurance for the racer models falls into higher than expected insurance groups but for entry level models the insurance group is low when compared to the quality of the vehicle.  Initial prices are high but good residuals offset this to a certain extent. Overall an excellent small family car which does not cost the earth to insure. With reference to safety insurance levels should benefit from the Golf scoring 5 stars in the NCAP safety tests.

VW Passat - Car insurance group 8 to Car insurance group 15 (depending on model owned)

Volkswagen Passat

The Passat is VW's assault on the corporate car market and insurance levels reflect this. The car offers excellent levels of trim and an image of a far more prestigious car. The Passat benefits from excellent ride quality and a wide range of engine sizes to satisfy even the most demanding driver. Residuals are not as good as on other models because of the volumes associated with the company car market. Safety levels are good which keeps the VW's insurance done. The  Passat scored 4 stars in the NCAP safety tests.

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