Porsche car insurance

Porsche is one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world. Along with its power and finesse comes a cost for insurance. Unfortunately a car that looks as good as this you can be sure will be in the eye line of the local car thief or vandal. We have done a bit of digging around and compiled a car insurance resource for Porsches.

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Porsche 911 Carrera - Car insurance group 20

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is the most traditional of the performance Porsche's. Its looks and power ensure that its insurance classification stays high! This car is the property of many a young footballer, and if it's any comfort they still have to dig deep for the insurance despite their popularity! We reckon this Porsche is a justified class X insurance group and the power and performance you get is worth the money you pay. So this car is a wolf in wolf's clothing, our verdict is if you can afford the car then the insurance payments are worth it.

Porsche Boxster - Car insurance group 19

Porsche Boxter

The Porsche Boxster is the entry model and has been described in some quarters as Porsche's offering to the hairdresser fraternity. We disagree. This is a quality car with all the good looks of its brother and sister stabelmates. We do feel that the insurance group X it has been allocated is more for its look than its drive. The soft top version especially has the welcoming material easy access hood for a thief and this does seem to drive the insurance cost up. Also be aware that these cars do hold their value, so although we feel the Porsche Boxster insurance grouping is high the return you may get when you trade it in may cover some of your outlay.

Porsche Cayenne - Car insurance group 20

Porsche Cayenne

This is the BMW X5 and Mercedes ML direct competitor. The insurance group classification of X on the Porsche Cayenne is justified. The security on this vehicle is superior to that of its soft top siblings and its desirability rating is a little lower than such cars as the 911. We like the performance 4x4's and we feel that like the 911, if you have the money to buy this car the insurance you have to pay is justified. Shop around for this insurance policy though as the 4x4 performance market is a specialist one that you can get a deal.

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