Jaguar car insurance

Jaguar is one of the most prestigious marques in the automotive world. It has a history of style and performance with a racing heritage to match. Now that they are owned by the Ford Motor Company they are transferring those values to a wider market place.  ( stock complete ranges in Jaguar tyres to suit your vehicle and your driving style. View our Jaguar tyre resource at For tips on keeping your policy low click here.

Jaguar X Type - Car insurance group 13 to 16

The X type Jaguar is the new entry level Jaguar. The car is priced to have a mass market appeal and to compete directly with BMW and Mercedes for the company car market. The X type is quite competitive in terms of the cost to purchase and the cost for insurance also comes in as reasonably affordable considering the make of the car. The standard fitting of both an alarm and immobilizer help to keep the insurance costs down, making it one of the least expensive Jaguars to insure.

Jaguar S Type - Car insurance group 14 to 19

The S type offers an excellent alternative to the sterile lines of its German competitors. It is a throw back to the Mark II. The S type boasts the luxury that you would expect from a Jaguar, however this luxury is reflected in the high insurance costs that come with the S type!

Jaguar XJ Series - Car insurance group 15 to 20

The XJ Series rivals both the Mercedes S Class and the BMW 7 Series for comfort and prestige. The all new aluminium body helps improve both the fuel economy and the performance of the car. The XJ comes with the highest insurance group of all the Jaguar models, however we feel it is a luxury worth paying for.

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