What is a car data check?

The car check will verify a used car’s history – this is done by cross checking the car data against the DVLA’s records. By performing a car history check it informs you, the potential buyer, whether the vehicle has ever been written off by insurers, stolen, clocked (changed mileage), cloned (two or more vehicles with matching identities), had previous number plates or still has a finance arrangement outstanding.

Why use a vehicle data check?

The vehicle check of the car’s history and data is an essential investment if you intend to make a second hand car purchase from a private seller, as even experienced motorists can be caught out by an unscrupulous seller. By purchasing your car data check in association with Blackcircles.com before buying a second hand vehicle, it assures you that the vehicle you are going to purchase is legal. Without a car history check you may not have any legal rights to the car if it is found to be stolen or has outstanding finance on it, meaning you could lose both the car and the money you paid for it. Moreover if the car has been previously written off it may not be safe for you or your family to drive and could also invalidate your car’s insurance.

Car data check potential scenarios

Still not convinced that you need to purchase vehicle history check before buying your used car? Read the following potential scenarios that could happen to you and the outcome if you don’t invest in a car history check before you buy the vehicle.

Written off:
Craig was interested in a Mazda MX5 which he had seen advertised for sale in the newspaper. When he arranged to view the car, it seemed to be in good condition and the seller was happy to answer questions about the car’s history. However when the seller showed Craig the V5 Vehicle Registration Certificate, the document didn’t look quite right – at this point he became suspicious and decided to purchase a car history check from Blackcircles.com, especially after having heard of occasions when used car buyers were sold illegal cars. Craig’s diligence paid off, as the Blackcircles.com car check showed that the MX5 had been previously written off by insurers – and on top of that, the vehicle’s documentation had been forged. Craig wisely decided not to go ahead with the purchase, and was very grateful that he had not wasted thousands of pounds on an illegal vehicle.

Unfortunately Steve wasn’t so lucky with his used car purchase. Steve had part exchanged his Vauxhall Corsa for an Astra; everything seemed above board as the seller was very helpful and answered all Steve’s questions about the car and its history. However even though Steve had requested the vehicle’s documents be sent on after he had paid for the car they never arrived. After contacting the police who suggested that Steve should purchase a car data check, it was confirmed that the car had been stolen. Worse was to come – Steve then had no comeback when the vehicle was taken away by the police, meaning he had lost both the car and also the money that he paid for it. Steve has now advised all his friends and colleagues of the need to invest in a car history check before purchasing a used vehicle.

Claire was looking to upgrade her BMW and at a used car dealers she found a suitable model that was within her budget, in a colour she liked and looked to be in excellent condition. However, a closer look revealed that the mileage was unusually low for the car’s age – Claire thought it best to be on the safe side and purchased a Blackcircles.com vehicle history check. The car data check verified a discrepancy in the mileage, and Claire discovered that the car had been clocked. Again, investing a small amount of time and money in a Blackcircles.com car check saved Claire from paying over the odds for a car that had a questionable history and was overpriced for its true mileage.

Outstanding Finance:
Mandy was looking to buy her first car and after a lot of consideration had decided on a Renault Clio – further searches found a suitable Clio advertised on a second hand car website. After letting her dad see the advert, he advised her to get a car history check before traveling all the way to see the car seeing as they did not know the seller personally. The Blackcircles.com car check did indeed show up something on the car – but not what Mandy and her dad were expecting. The Clio still had an outstanding finance agreement on it – Mandy decided that she still wanted the car and came to an agreement with the seller and the finance company to purchase the car legally. However if she had not done this before purchasing the car she wouldn’t have been the legal owner and faced the risk of losing the car further down the line.

Ken, an experienced motorist, wanted to buy a second hand 4x4, and decided that a Land Rover Discovery was the model he wanted to purchase. Once Ken had found a Discovery that was the right price and had the low mileage that he was looking for, he visited the seller to view the car. The documentation was all in order but Ken had always purchased a vehicle check before buying a used car and this purchase was no different. The Blackcircles.com car data check revealed that even though the documentation was all in order, the vehicle had previously been cloned and had its number plates changed. Ken was relieved that he had trusted his instincts to always buy a vehicle history check even if the car did appear to be legitimate at first glance.

VIN/VRN do not match:
James (a TVR enthusiast) was helping his colleague Tom search for a suitable TVR Tuscan and had found one that was being sold through one of James’ friends, which sounded just what they were looking for. Both James and Tom were knowledgeable motorists and after viewing the car decided that it seemed a good purchase. Tom was keen to complete the sale, however James advised him to invest in a car check before handing over the money, just to be on the safe side. To Tom’s surprise the Blackcircles.com car data check revealed that the car was a ‘ringer’ - the vehicle identification and registration numbers did not match the data held by the DVLA. Needless to say Tom was very relieved that James had recommended the Blackcircles.com car check before purchasing the car as it had saved him a lot of money – now Tom is an advocate for investing in a car history check too!

Stolen MOT:
Alison was looking for a Nissan Almera in the classified adverts from a newspaper, and had seen several options that caught her eye. When viewing the car it looked to be in excellent condition and had all its paperwork in order. Alison had recently seen an item on the news about increased car crime which advised potential used car buyers to invest in a car history check, but Alison believed it would not happen to her as she was not a novice car buyer. Unfortunately once she had bought the car, Alison discovered that the MOT document (that had seemed so convincing) had not been issued from a registered testing centre, but was originally a stolen blank certificate which had been filled in illegally by an unscrupulous seller. Alison was shocked that this had happened to her, and will now always buy a car check before purchasing another used car.

Changed Plates:
Emma had been looking for an Audi A4 that suited her requirements for quite a while and had recently found what looked like the perfect model advertised for sale on the internet. However as she worked in the car industry, Emma was sceptical of buying from an unknown seller and wanted to make sure that the vehicle was legal before purchasing it. A car history check proved to be a wise purchase as it alerted Emma to the fact that the vehicle had its number plates changed previously. This could have been an innocent change to personalised number plates, however further investigation revealed that the plates had been changed to disguise previous accident damage to the car.

Rental company ownership:
Arthur was looking to upgrade his Ford Focus to a newer model and found that there were plenty to choose from after looking through numerous car magazines. Even though he thought that a Focus was unlikely to have been stolen or cloned, he decided that when spending a large amount of money on a used car it was always better to be cautious and invest in a car history check. The car check turned up a surprising result for Arthur – the car still belonged to a car rental company and was not legally for sale. Arthur was relieved that he had not purchased the car without a car history check as this would have left him vulnerable to potentially having to give the car back to the rental company, and also risk losing the money he had paid for it.

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