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Tyres > Help > Tyre Fitting > Should I change all 4 tyres at once?

Should I change all 4 tyres at once?

It is often recommended that a motorists replaces of all four tyres - particularly when the vehicle's tyres share the same size and type.

This approach guarantees superior traction and stability, as worn or mismatched tyres may negatively affect the car's handling and braking performance.

Moreover, because tyres deteriorate at different rates, the introduction of one or two new tyres might result in unequal tread depth and grip level among the remaining old tyres, causing unforeseeable issues.

Can I change 1 tyre only?

Occasionally, you may encounter circumstances that requires changing just one tyre - such as a flat tyre or a tyre that is beyond repair.

However, if the other tyres display signs of wear or damage, it would be wise to replace all four tyres to ensure consistent performance and safety.

Should I change tyres in pairs?

Generally, it is advisable to switch tyres in pairs, which means replacing two tyres simultaneously, either on the front or rear axle.

This course of action is recommended because tyres wear down at different speeds, and the replacement of only one tyre may lead to uneven wear, resulting in erratic handling and performance.

In addition, the simultaneous replacement of two tyres can help maintain steady performance and stability.