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How To Stop Windscreen Wipers Squeaking

Picture the scene. You are in your car enjoying a drive, listening to your tunes, pleasantly surprised at the ease of the journey. Then a few spots of rain start to pepper your windscreen.

No bother, you think to yourself. I’ll just switch on the wipers. Then it begins. Squeak. Squeak. Squeeeeak.

For the rest of your journey, this incessant noise is going to drill into your very soul...

A tad overdramatic perhaps. But it’s a common issue. An annoying one.

However, there are a few easy steps you can take to help prevent the dread windscreen wiper squeak.

So, without further ado, here is how to stop windscreen wipers squeaking, with 5 easy checks.

Step 1: Check washer fluid levels

It could be as simple a solution as topping up your windscreen wash fluid. Not only does the windscreen wash help to clean and break down grim on your windscreen, but it can act as a lubricant.

If your levels are low and not enough is being sprayed onto the surface of your windscreen this could be causing the wiper blades to meet resistance from the glass. Leading to scraping and squeaking.

Step 2: Clean your wiper blades.

Your wipers blades can become dirty over time. As well as clearing off the rain, they also remove any foreign agents on your windscreen. From dirt to bird poop. As this builds up, it can cause friction on the glass and cause the wipers to squeak.

Inspect your wiper blades for dirt and grime. Give them a good clean with some hot and soapy water. Make sure to do this on a regular basis to stop the build up of all that undesirable gunk.

Step 3: Clean your windscreen.

In a similar vein, your windscreen can become dirty over time. With grease and oils sticking to the glass. Even if you can still see through the glass, these types of foreign agents may still be on your windscreen.

Use a good washer fluid product to breakdown any grease on the windscreen. Not only can this help to reduce the risk of squeaking, but it also will pay dividends for your visibility when driving.

Step 4: Fix wiper blade arms

A less common issue can be the arms of the wiper blades. Sometimes, for various reasons, your wiper arms may become misaligned. Instead of a smooth gliding action back and forth, they may be putting pressure on the glass. Causing friction and noise.

Check your wiper blade arms and adjust them accordingly if required. If you’re not sure, check your vehicle handbook for information or take your car to a mechanic for advice.

Step 5: Replace wiper blades

Finally, it may just come down to the fact that wiper blades only last so long. Over time the rubber within the blades will age and deteriorate. This can lead to tears and splits within the rubber.

There are 3 types of wiper blades fitment, and each is easy to use. If your wiper blades are over 12 months old, the squeaking could be the result of their age.

Buy a new set of blades and replace them.