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The Fuel-saving tyre that keeps performing for longer

Fuel-saving and environmentally

Long lasting

Better braking on wet roads

Quiet, comfortable ride

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Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

The ultra-high performance tyre that delivers shorter braking distances when it matters most

Shorter braking distances on wet
and dry

High-performance handling

Greater fuel efficiency

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EfficientGrip SUV

The fuel-saving SUV tyre that brakes shorter

Fuel-saving design

Shorter braking distance on wet and
dry roads


Improved steering precision and handling

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Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV

All the benefits of an ultra-high performance tyre, optimised for high-end SUVs

High performance

Cornering control

Wet handling and aquaplaning resistance

Smooth, quiet ride

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Goodyear Tyres Range

Goodyear - Made to Feel Good

The Goodyear Brand

When you look today at the global Goodyear tyres brand, with its thousands of breakthroughs, innovations, new inventions, firsts and ground breaking improvements, your seeing a reflection of the bold, innovative and down-to-earth character of the company's founders. Today, Goodyear is the world's largest tyre company, with a presence on six continents and annual sales of more than $15 billion.

Goodyear are passionate about safety and strive to contribute to a safer environment. They time and time again lead their industry for innovation to remain in the forefront of advances in new tyre technologies. All this to ensure better safety for drivers and protection for loved ones.

Goodyear Driving Academy & Young Driver Partnership

Recent reports have shown that road accidents are the main killer amongst 16-24 year olds, so Goodyear want to do everything we can to improve the safety of younger drivers. This is why they have launched the Driving Academy, an interactive online programme which aims to teach youngsters about road safety and the Highway Code. The Driving Academy is open to all schools across the UK and will be a chance for teachers to spread awareness about road safety to their students from a young age.

When the campaign is over, Goodyear will be giving away a brand new Fiat 500 to the person with the highest score! This will be handed over to the student on the day that they pass their driving test. Players can gain points during the game by demonstrating sensible driving skills and answering the Highway Code questions correctly.

We have also recently partnered with Young Driver, an organisation designed to reduce road traffic accidents through offering driving lessons to 11-17 year olds. The hugely successful program aims to save lives by offering driving lessons to youngsters so that they are much more experienced and safer drivers on the road once they pass their test.

Young Driver was inspired by a Swedish government approved study which revealed that if youngsters are given driving tuition before they are 17, they are less likely to have an accident when they start driving on the road. This percentage drop is one of the highest figures ever achieved by any road safety program.

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Goodyear Driving Academy
Goodyear Young Driver programme

Goodyear Tyres Video Centre

Goodyear Tyres Manifesto - Made to Feel Good

New technologies are changing the world at an unparalleled pace. Technological boundaries are being broken quicker than ever before.

Winter vs Summer

4x4 lifestyle trailer

Goodyear Manifesto

Which? Best Buy and Auto Express 2014 RecommenGoodyear EfficientGrip Performance Auto Express Recommended 2014ded

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

Goodyear are proud to announce that their EfficientGrip Performance tyre has been named “Best Buy” by Which? and Recommended by Auto Express Tyre Test 2014.

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