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Winter Tyres: Tried & Tested

Winter tyres, or cold weather tyres as they are also known, will be the key to keeping Britain moving over the coming months. This is thanks to their specialist compound and tread design which provides drivers with superior grip and control in wet and dry conditions once the temperature dips below 7°C.

The cold weather conditions from two years ago look set to return with Forecasters predicting moderate to heavy snowfalls as early as October and November in parts of the UK.

This follows Met office data showing that the average temperature levels last year remained at below 7 °C for six months making cold weather tyres suitable for use from October – March.

With demand for cold weather tyres expected to be high, we recommend pre-ordering your set of winter tyres to avoid any delays in getting your tyres fitted and remaining safe on the roads.

Braking distances are shorter on wet roads and icy roads below 7 degrees celcius with winter or cold weather tyres | order your's today at

Goodyear Winter and Cold Weather Tyres

Goodyear UltraGrip 8

The winter tyre that delivers outstanding snow traction

Shorter braking distances on snow

Extra grip on winter roads

Improved handling

High aquaplaning resistance

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Goodyear UltraGrip 8

The high performance tyre for tough snow conditions

Confident handling on snow

Excellent performance on ice

High aquaplaning resistance

Fuel-efficient design

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Goodyear UltraGrip7+

A Top performing tyre in all winter conditions

Excellent winter handling

Directional tread design to cut through slush and snow

Enhanced winter compound

Lower noise in all conditions

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Goodyear UltraGrip+ SUV

The performance SUV tyre that delivers all-round winter traction

Performance all winter long

Superb grip and handling on snow
and ice

Off road performance

Improved resistance to aquaplaning

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Yokohama Winter and Cold Weather Tyres

Yokohama W.Drive V902A

Winter is inspiration. Drive your emotion.

Asymmetric tread design

Designed for traction on snow

Optimum performance in various winter conditions

3 straight groove design

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Yokohama W.Drive V902B

Winter is inspiration. Drive your emotion.

Performance on dry, wet and snow covered surfaces

Excellent traction on snow

Optimum performance in winter

4 straight groove design

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Yokohama Geolander IT G071

Total Performance in the Winter Wilderness

Winter tyre designed for SUV’s

Grooves disperse snow while edge improves traction on ice

Minimized sliding in multiple directions

Two wide grooves on shoulder

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Yokohama Advan Winter

For Premium High Performance Cars

Superb winter performance

Excellent traction on snow

Performs very well in both dry and wet

Efficient dispersal of snow, slush and water

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Hankook Winter and Cold Weather Tyres

Hankook Icebear W300

Designed for all possible winter road conditions

Performance winter tyre

Provides superb grip and handling in winter conditions

Good traction in wet conditions

Asymmetric tread design

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Hankook I’Cept Evo W310

Tyre model strapline detail required

High performance winter tyre

Offers superb winter performance

Asymmetric tread offers excellent handling in both dry and wet conditions

Excellent braking and cornering

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Hankook I’Cept Evo W442

Superb winter handling and grip for high performance cars

Excellent winter performance

Superior traction on snow and in slush

Grip on ice is increased thanks to wider tread contact area

Directional tread design

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Hankook Winter RW06

Premium winter performance

Studless, symmetrical winter tyre

Commercial winter tyre for light trucks and vans

Good traction in the wet, snow or ice

Strong and stable tread pattern

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What Are Winter Tyres?

A legal requirement in much of Continental Europe, a winter tyre offers significant benefits when driving in cold weather conditions:

  • Enhanced performance – the technology in a winter tyre means it performs better when the temperature drops below 7° Celsius
  • Better grip – the special compound used in a winter tyre means it remains softer in low temperatures offering more grip, better braking, traction and handling
  • Greater control and safety – the tread design of a winter tyre has been specially created to offer better grip and traction in the snow
  • Speed rating – cold weather tyres have a lower speed rating than a summer tyre due to the compound they are made from. Please be aware that your driving will not be compromised as even an H rated tyre has a maximum speed of 131mph.

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Winter tyre tread

Winter Tyre Video's

Dunlop Technology animations- SP WS 4D

Goodyear Dunlop at Tamworth Snowdome

See for yourself how the Dunlop Winter Sport 4D performes on the slopes at Tamworth Snowdome.

Dunlop Tamworth

Goodyear: Highlight Reel: All-Weather Grip

Watch the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season tire shed ice, rain, and snow on a high-octane test drive.

Goodyear all weather grip

Be one with it - Hankook Tyre

Be one with your tyres and the road will be one with you. Now meet Hankook Tyre at

Goodyear all weather grip

Yokohama winter tyres

Yokohama will help you stop quicker and feel more in control though all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

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