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Continental SportContact 7 for the hybrid Mercedes AMG C43

Continental SportContact 7 for the hybrid Mercedes AMG C43
Continental tyres

As Mercedes AMG embraces hybrid technology, the C43 now comes with a smaller and more efficient 2.0-litre petrol engine and mild battery help.

This doesn’t mean AMG has given up on the sort of raw performance that has made the name famous around the world, and the C43 uses a clever electrically-powered turbocharger to deliver a whopping 408hp.

Mercedes AMG
The latest in the range for the Mercedes C43 AMGImage credit: Mercedes-Benz

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That’s exactly the sort of power AMG has become renowned for offering in Mercedes’ models and it translates to 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds and a 155mph top speed for the C43 saloon. Pick the estate version and 0-62mph takes a fraction longer at 4.7 seconds, but it shares the same electronically limited top speed.

Both C43 models come with Mercedes’ 4Matic four-wheel drive as standard to harness the power of their AMG engines. Also helping to make sure every last bit of power is used to the full are Continental SportContact 7 tyres, which are fitted to all new C43s from the factory.

To give an idea of just how determined Mercedes-AMG was to choose the best tyre for the C43, they chose the 18-inch Sport Contact 7 because it is rated for speeds up to 186mph. The tyres even come with their own unique code on the sidewall to show they are specifically for the C43.

With the C43’s prodigious power and handling abilities, it needs a tyre that can keep up with its skills. This is where the SportContact 7’s adaptive design comes to the fore, allowing it to dispel water on wet roads just as well as it can serve up amazing grip and steering feel in corners. It’s also earned winning scores in independent tyre tests for its blend of talents.

Mercedes AMG
The Continental SportContact 7 keeps the Mercedes C43 AMG firmly planted on the roadImage credit: Mercedes-Benz

All of this is great to hear, yet the C43 is also more than capable of being your everyday car thanks to its understated looks and easy to live with comfort. You won’t notice many bumps at low or high speeds, and the Mercedes-AMG is unflinchingly stable and sure-footed on the motorway.

Inside the C43, the cabin is put together with the care you expect of a Mercedes, while the screens for the main instruments and infotainment lend a pleasingly modern edge to the style. You’ll find plenty of space for you as the driver and your passengers, while the estate has a generous boot if you need the added cargo capacity.

Mercedes AMG C43
Mercedes have retained their classic sleek interior in this latest modelImage credit: Mercedes-Benz

Underlining the quality of the driving experience inside the C43, the Continental SportContact 7 tyres are hushed as they pass over the road surface. Just as impressively, they offer shorter braking distances and better wear resistance than the previous SportContact 6 tyre, so it makes you even safer while reducing running costs.

With those kind of credentials, it’s no wonder Mercedes-AMG picked the Continental tyre for its C43, and it’s why the SportContact 7 has won two prestigious design awards.

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