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Kerb whisperers: Top 5 easiest cars to parallel park

Smart ForTwo parking

As breaking research reveals a parking phobia epidemic, we count down the easiest cars to slot into sideways spaces.

Are you a nervous parker? According to a recent study conducted by VW Commercial Vehicles, you’re not alone. The data revealed nearly half of Brits (49%) “find parking stressful and take measures to avoid certain manoeuvres”. What’s more, 15% found reversing parking the most stressful manoeuvre.  

And, while the research doesn’t specify, we reckon parallel parking is the scariest of all. That’s why we’ve compiled our top five favourite miniature motors for parkaphobes. Just don’t expect anyone to thank you when they spot a washing machine-sized car occupying the last vacant space.

5. Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis
Short and tall dimensions aren’t ideal for fine handling, but they do make parallel parking a breeze.
Image credit: Suzuki

Meet Ignis: a compact crossover for people who don’t want the size of a fully-fledged SUV, and who don’t need the off-road capability of the brand’s revered Jimny

While this list might be dominated by city cars and dedicated puddle-jumpers, Suzuki’s Ignis proves you can have a nimble city car and still see over the hedgerows. At just 3.7m long, the Ignis is over 300mm shorter than the already miniscule Honda Jazz – making it ideal for threading between two tightly parked cars.  

It won’t break the bank, either. Prices start at a very reasonable £17,949, but you’ll need to fork out slightly more if you’d like the handy rearview camera. Whether you opt for the base model or the fully loaded SZ5, parking should be painless.

4. Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto Side View
A recent refresh gave the Picanto a sharp new look and kept the previous model’s compact form.
Image credit: Kia

Kia’s Picanto might not be the most glamorous or dynamic machine to grace the tarmac, but when it comes to parallel parking, it’s hard to beat. From its tiny overhangs to its 3,600mm length, the Kia darts into spaces that regular hatches can only dream of.  

Plus, despite its size and segment, you won’t have to go without much. With luxurious options including heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and a reversing camera, you’d never know you were in such a small machine.

3. Fiat 500e 

Fiat Topolino
Topolino enjoying the sunshine with its cloth roof retracted. 
Image credit: Fiat

Fiat’s 500 certainly harbors more than its fair share of negative stereotypes, however, that hasn’t stopped the brand from shifting more than 185,000 examples of the latest electrified model.  

Such popularity is no accident. Aside from its evident retro appeal, the 500 is attractive for its peerless agility and urban-oriented packaging. Measuring just 3,571mm from bumper to bumper, it’s one of the shortest cars money can buy – any smaller and you're in go kart territory.

2. Smart ForTwo

Smart ForTwo
The ForTwo will go down as one of history’s iconic small cars.
Image credit: Smart

Before it defected to making homogenised electric SUVs like the rest of the automotive industry, Smart produced some pretty innovative and interesting machines.  

Of these, it was the almost comically compact ForTwo which became synonymous with scaled-down motoring. At 2.7m long, the original Smart makes the other cars on this list look like monster trucks. To put that into perspective, a regular ForTwo isn’t much longer than the average British parking space is wide, meaning that technically you could park it almost anywhere.  

Unfortunately, the Mercedes sub-brand opted to discontinue the model early last year, although if you’re looking for the ultimate in easy parking, a secondhand ForTwo could well be an option.  

1. Citroen Ami

Citroen Ami
The Ami is the ultimate city car. We wouldn’t recommend taking it anywhere else, though.
Image credit: Citroen 

Ok, so we cheated. Citroen’s Ami isn’t a car in the conventional sense — quadricycle is the official designation — but as far as something with four wheels and a roof go, it’s the easiest car to parallel park. 

Coming in at just 2.4 metres long, the Ami is the indisputable king of parking. And, as VW’s data highlighted that “40% of respondents say parking is more stressful when members of their family are in the vehicle”, the Ami’s benefit is two-fold — there’s no room for backseat drivers.  

Citroen’s quirky quadricycle is the very antithesis of the land yachts we featured in the hardest cars to bay park, but can you think of another pintsized runabout that beats it?

Hero Image:  Smart

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