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Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack reclaims Nürburgring EV record

Video credit: Tesla | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1r4ZotaY6U

The 1020 ps electric super-saloon has reclaimed its king of the ‘ring crown after posting an astonishing 7:25.23 lap time.

Discontent with taking the title from Porsche's Taycan Turbo S in 2021, the Plaid has returned to the ‘ring to beat its own record.

With the addition of a new Track Package, Tesla has managed to smash its previous time by over 10 seconds —posting a 7:25.23 record that’s unlikely to be bettered any time soon.

So how have they managed to extract all that extra performance from what looks like an almost identical Model S?

Well, while it may look very similar to the 2021 Plaid, the new Track Package model benefits from a host of upgrades which allow it to accelerate, brake, and turn with more ferocity than before.

At each corner, new lightweight forged aluminium wheels help to decrease rotational mass. But, more importantly for lap times, those new alloys are shod with track-ready Goodyear tyres —increasing overall grip levels significantly.

To set scorching times at the Nurburgring, you also need a profound turn of straight-line speed. Although the old Plaid’s software-limited 162mph was hardly a snail’s pace, it was hampering the car on longer straights. Therefore, by removing the limiter Tesla allows the Model S to achieve its full 200 mph potential, but you will need to watch the video to find out how close the driver gets to that double ton.

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Tesla Team Celebrate the big win.
The Tesla team celebrate their new ring record. Image credit: Tesla

As anyone who has ever driven on a track will attest, brake performance and consistency also play a huge role in shaving off seconds. As such, new fade-resistant, carbon-silicon carbide discs are mated to forged calipers with a more aggressive pad compound. Or, more simply: it stops on a dime, time after time.

Eagle-eyed viewers may also notice that the record-breaking Plaid features a conventional round steering wheel rather than the famous Tesla steering yoke used last time. We can only presume this was to offer the driver maximum control and to avoid any unnecessary distractions as he pushed the boundaries.

Either way, the ease with which he hustles the 2,265 kg, 1020 hp, electric behemoth around the ring – especially considering the colossal speeds displayed – makes for a thrilling watch. And who knows, maybe with a bit more in-house fettling Tesla will be able to sneak under the overall saloon record held by the petrol-powered Mercedes AMG GT63 S. Watch this space.

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