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James Bond’s Range Rover Safari gets shaken up as an EV restomod

Lunaz's Ranger Rover Safari

Bond fans may recognise the Range Rover Safari from 1983’s movie Octopussy, but Lunaz’s remodel might be a bit of a shock to the system. The Lunaz Group – which remanufacturers and electrifies passenger, commercial and industrial vehicles – has electrified this short wheelbase Safari. Yes, Bond can now drive in electric style.  

The Range Rover Safari front end view, driving over a bridge in front of a large country house.
This particular Safari is in a one-off ‘Maya Blue’ coat – no shady paint names here – with a dark blue mohair convertible hood
Image credit: L unaz Group

Before diving in to discuss the powertrain, we’ve got to take our hats off to Lunaz for the significant updates to the open-top model. The body and chassis have been substantially reinforced to provide robust housing for the electrics and battery, and to give added strength and security to the passengers.  

Ok, ok, we know you’re dying to know what kind of welly it now has. Out goes the original V8 engine, in with a 280kW powertrain, producing 375 bhp. This Safari has been upgraded with adjustable dampers and bespoke springs, with six- and four-piston brakes fitted to the front and rear, and regenerative braking. Excellent for swinging around country roads to escape bad guys... 

Close up of the Safari dashboard
The dash’s clean, modern lines are instantly appealing and don’t get us started on wanting to push the big red button....
Image credit: L unaz Group

This specific Safari has been given deluxe treatment, thanks to the client’s requests. Now, the simple dash has been upgraded to a 3D printed console, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-enabled infotainment screen to boot. Plus, a reversing camera, digitalised modern air-con and heating, and USB-C charging ports. This tech doesn’t quite compare to Nissan’s Hyperforce’s inbuilt VR or the gadgets produced by Q, at MI6’s headquarters, they’re quite a modernisation of the Safari’s old interior. And yet, it doesn’t look out of place. Lunaz seems to have nailed the balance of having all the mod cons without losing the feel of the original character.  

Close up of upholstery on the restomod Safari
The clean lines of the upcycling are reflected in Lunaz’s trademark trims
Image credit: L unaz Group

It feels right too. The dash has been finished in rich Mocca Walnut wood and the heated passenger seats are trimmed with hardwearing leather with the brand’s iconic fluting. Sounds great, you say, but what if the heavens open? Lunaz has selected an innovative waterproof and chlorine-resistant textile to prevent any wear and tear.  

As the first of 50 Range Rover Safaris that Lunaz looks to convert, the driver's convention won’t be a big one, but it will be pretty and (here’s hoping) in a wonderful shade of colours. If you were ever fortunate enough to get your mitts on one, it looks like Lunaz have paired them with Continental’s CrossContact, which would provide excellent wet traction as well as off-roading ability.  

Lunaz seems to be onto a winner. It’s retained all the magic of the Safari while giving it a new lease of life in an ever more conscious world. So, only one question remains, what would Mr Bond make of it? We think he’d raise a glass to Lunaz, martini, of course. Do you agree? 

Hero image credit:  L unaz Group

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