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Nissan Hyper Force concept hints at a 1341 bhp electric GTR 

Nissan Hyper Force Concept

Godzilla’s gone electric! As the series finale to Nissan’s breathtaking concept lineup, Hyper Force previews a future EV GTR with insane performance and robotic styling.

When Nissan pulled the wraps off the Hyper Force EV, we were half expecting Craig Charles from Robot Wars to announce its arrival into the ring. It’s certainly futuristic, even by concept car standards, but look closely and you’ll quickly spot echoes of previous GTRs hidden in its space-age lines.  

Both front and rear lamps clearly nod to the previous R35 car, while the overall downforce-enhancing aesthetic draws from Nissan’s performance heritage. Those aggressive front canards, deep splitter, and active rear wing should also help to sculpt the airflow over the car for maximum grip and performance.  

Apparently, the sci-fi undertones run more than skin-deep. A newly developed ‘plasma actuator’ is said to ‘suppress air detachment to maximize grip and minimize inner-wheel lift during cornering’ and while we have no idea how, or even if, such a device could work, its name sounds like a weapon Iron Man would use to banish baddies — which should definitely appeal to the PlayStation generation who grew up racing its predecessors on Gran Turismo

Nissan Hyper Force Concept car
The Hyper Force looks as though it was honed from granite — especially in this colour. 
Image credit: Nissan

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The latter fact should come in handy, as Nissan has spelled out exactly the sort of customer to whom its extraordinary EV is targeted: “The Nissan Hyper Force is designed for racing enthusiasts and gamers who crave the adrenaline rush of the racetrack but are also eco-conscious.” 

With 1341 hp allied to Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology, it’s safe to say the adrenaline box has been ticked, but what of the eco aspect? Well, extensive use of lightweight carbon fibre should help to keep the weight down, thus using less power in the driving process. And then there’s the solid-state battery, which should offer considerably faster charging times and chop further KGs off the total on the scales.  

Nissan Hyper Force Concept
More screens than the Starship Enterprise allows the Hyper Force to display screeds of ‘invaluable’ racing data.
Image credit:  Nissan

It’s unlikely that the production car will share such an outlandish interior design, however, the heavily bolstered racing seats with four-point harnesses will surely be essential given the savage power on offer. Interestingly, the fun doesn’t have to stop when your battery runs out. Simply pull up to the charging point and strap on the on-board VR headset to play your favourite racing titles straight from the driver’s seat. How’s that for a bonus feature?  

Nissan hasn’t confirmed when we can expect to see a road ready R36 just yet (or how much it might cost), but we posit that it could be nearer the end of the decade before the innovative solid-state powertrain is ready for mass production.  

When it does arrive, the Hyper Force will undoubtedly move the GTR game on, taking a legendary performer and reinventing it for the EV age. However, with the plethora of circa 1000 bhp electric supercars currently flooding the market, will the R36 be able to dominate the competition in the same way its ICE forebears did?

Hero image credit:  Nissan

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