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Lucid launches 7-seat Gravity SUV with Porsche-baiting performance

Lucid Gravity

From the makers of the profoundly powerful Air supersaloon comes Gravity: an all-electric 3-row SUV with over 440 miles range and a sub-4 second 0-62 mph time.

Gravity: it’s a fitting title given the considerable pressure Newton’s force will exert on Lucid’s new behemoth. However, while the California-based EV startup is marketing its new 7-seat rocketship as a ‘powerhouse’, we’d argue that at a predicted 3 tons, powered house is a more accurate summation.  

Still, this bungalow on wheels has no trouble embarrassing far smaller, lighter, and more dedicated sports machines in a straight line – think Porsche 911 Carrera S and Aston Martin Vantage. A 3.5 second 0-60 mph sprint is noteworthy regardless of a vehicle’s market segment, but it’s nigh-on unbelievable when you consider the Gravity’s 440-mile EV range and lorry-like 3,171-litre luggage capacity with the seats folded flat.  

Lucid Gravity
With optional bike and roof racks fitted, Gravity is the perfect companion for wilderness exploration.
Image credit: Lucid

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There’s more to Lucid’s SUV than just headline-grabbing figures. The brand says the new model has been designed with a “holistic approach to vehicle engineering.” A low 0.24 drag coefficient and one of the most energy dense powerpacks in the business, both evidence this – as does the svelte styling that “fuses form and function”.  

An added benefit of the Gravity’s notable heft (and extraordinarily torquey motors) is the towing ability. A three-ton limit should handle a small horsebox or caravan with ease, although don’t expect to see over 400 miles from the battery with a trusty steed in tow. 

Optional Zero Gravity air suspension adds a further string to the Lucid’s bow – ensuring rippled roads don’t jar the occupants. Moreover, the trick system affords greater adjustability. With the flick of a button, the driver can manually select whether to lower the behemoth for improved handling and efficiency, or raise it for greater ground clearance and off-road potential.

Lucid Gravity Interior
Mindfulness and beige-ness are equally unparalleled inside this Lucid.
Image credit:  Lucid

Inside, it’s clear that luxury and build-quality haven’t taken a back seat. “Meticulously chosen materials” prioritize sustainability and eco-consciousness, but it’s Lucid’s so called, “holistic human experience” that’s caught our attention. “Designed to introduce tranquility on the go,” the manufacturer claims that different modes can recreate the sensations of a serene oasis or immerse drivers in “the soothing atmosphere of locations like Lake Tahoe or Joshua Tree.”  

If Lucid’s latest offering has your ears pricked with intrigue, unfortunately it’s bad news unless you possess a North American ZIP code; just like the Air supersaloon, the marque hasn’t disclosed when (or, if) the Gravity will make it to the UK. 

While some might baulk at the equivalent of £64,500 American buyers will need to fork out for the base model, you could argue that figure is quite reasonable given there’s little else on the market (except Tesla’s Model X which commands a £30,000 premium over the Gravity) that can compete with the Lucid for space and pace.  

If Lucid does make it to British shores later in the year, do you think it’s a credible alternative to more established EV brands? We certainly can’t wait to see how the Gravity stacks up against Tesla’s Model X and BMW’s iX out on the open road.  

Hero image credit:  Lucid

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