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New Honda e:Ny1: A missed opportunity?

As a die-hard fan of the original Honda e, Jonny had high hopes for its replacement. But unfortunately, the news isn’t good. So why does he think Honda’s dropped the ball with its new electric SUV?

It’s no secret that Honda has achieved some truly wonderful things in its 60-something year tenure as one of the world’s most reliable automakers. Our personal highlights include the epic NSX supercar, the scintillating S2000, and even a highly advanced humanoid robot named Asimo.  

But every now and then the Japanese giant shows it’s only mortal and drops a bit of a clanger, a dud, if you will, and according to Late Brake Show (LBS) host Jonny Smith, the e:Ny1 is just one of such moments.  

From start to finish Jonny offers a particularly scathing report of the electric Honda’s prowess in most areas. Starting with the styling (both inside and out) the LBS presenter feels the charm and character of the e:Ny1’s predecessor is missing. Arguing that Honda has “played it safe” and “followed the crowd.”

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As for the range and performance, Jonny is even more critical. Citing especially slow charging speeds, a WLTP range of just 258 miles, and the lack of a heat pump, as “substandard” for a 2024 car.  And while he argues that the performance is adequate for a family car, the lack of traction caused by Honda’s reluctance to offer four-wheel-drive is less than ideal.  

Like a parent scorning a guilty child, Jonny initially remarks “I’m not angry with Honda, I’m disappointed,” but as he ventures deeper into the car's foibles, he corrects himself “actually no, I’m pissed off with Honda.” Explaining that as a fan of the brand, he knows it’s capable of so much more.  

But does the e:Ny1 have any redeeming qualities? You’ll need to watch the video to find out.

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