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Head-to-head: VW ID.7 GTX Tourer Vs BMW i5 Touring

VW ID.7 GTX Tourer and BMW i5 Touring

It’s a battle of fast electric estates. With both models hot off the press, we compare Germany’s latest EV load-luggers. From styling to practicality, which comes out on top?

Following a lull in popularity, estate cars (or wagons, to our US friends) appear to be enjoying a resurgence in sales. And, with the EV revolution in full swing, it’s battery-powered cargo-haulers on the lips of the nation.

Looking to capitalise on this newfound demand, BMW and VW have now entered the fray with powerful, handsome and, crucially, more practical versions of their cutting-edge electric saloons. Find out how they compare, below.


BMW i5 Touring side profile
Image credit: BMW

BMW has a track record of divisive design, especially when it comes to the 5 Series, and it looks like the Bavarians haven’t bucked that trend with the latest G60 variant.  

Compared to the outgoing model, the new 5 Series Touring (upon which the i5 is based), touts more prominent design features such as enlarged and illuminated Kidney grilles, and a more angular and aggressive silhouette. While we’re not completely sold on this new look, perhaps — like the old e60 5 Series and e65 7 Series — it’s simply ahead of its time.  

VW ID.7 GTX Tourer side profile
Image credit: VW

We think VW’s effort with the new ID.7 GTX Tourer will receive a warmer welcome from British buyers. Enhancing the standard ID.7’s fundamentally handsome lines, the sportier GTX variant adds attractive highlights including a honeycomb grille, larger 20-inch Skagen alloys, and a new bumper design. Nothing groundbreaking, but the final package is undeniably stylish.


What’s a hot estate without a bit of pep in its step? Thankfully, both cars have welcome reserves of shove. As the ID.7’s high-performance offering, the GTX boasts 335 bhp sent to all four wheels for unfaltering traction. This should result in exceptional acceleration, although we’re yet to discover the specific figure.  

On the other hand, the same money in BMW world only buys the base model eDrive40 i5 Touring. But even the entry-level Bimmer packs an identical 335 bhp, albeit sent exclusively to the rear wheels. We estimate both cars will achieve a 0-60 mph sprint in the region of six seconds. 

Although we’re yet to give either competitor a thorough road test, we suspect the BMW’s rear-wheel drive setup and pedigree of superb handling ancestors might give it the upper hand when it comes to cornering. Traditionally, VW’s large saloons and estates haven’t been particularly strong driver’s machines, but the ID.7’s low centre of gravity might help in this regard. 

According to manufacturer data, the VW is the one you want if you regularly travel more than 300 miles in one stint. The ID.7 GTX Tourer achieves a claimed 387 miles compared to the BMW’s 347, although both should prove ample for most buyers.


VW ID.7 GTX Tourer Boot
Image credit: VW

Boot capacity is big business when it comes to estate cars. As such, both challengers offer capacious load bays. Again, the VW pips the BMW to the post with a 605-litre boot with the seats up, or a gigantic 1,714 litres with the rear row folded flat.

BMW i5 Touring Boot
Image credit: BMW

By comparison, the bimmer offers 570 litres with the seats up and 1,700 litres with them stowed away. Both respectable figures, but the GTX simply swallows more of life’s trappings.


The VW deals the BMW its final blow when it comes to price. For over £15,000 less than the most basic BMW i5 Touring, you can own a top-spec GTX complete with all the bells and several whistles. Sure, the BMW badge might hold a little more caché, but we’re not sure that justifies the £69,000 price tag. Either way, the VW is inarguably better value for money. 

Our pick 

VW ID.7 GTX Tourer Rear three quarters
Image credit: VW

While you won’t go far wrong with either of these fast electric estates, there’s only one winner: VW’s ID.7 GTX Tourer. Put simply, by most metrics and in most areas the VW is a stronger performer at a lower price. It’s hard to argue with that.  

But, if neither of these machines tickles your fancy, there’s plenty of other accomplished load-lugging EVs to choose from. Whether it’s Porsche’s Taycan Sport Turismo for the ultimate driving experience, or Audi’s upcoming A6 Avant e-Tron for a futuristic feel, there’s an electric estate for every role.  

Do you think the BMW is worth the premium over the VW? Tell us which EV gets your vote.

Hero image credit:  BMW/ VW

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