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New VW ID.7 Tourer: The best electric load-lugger on sale? 

VW ID.7 Tourer Front

As the estate car makes a resurgence with a crop of new EV offerings, Volkswagen has entered the fray with an elongated ID.7. How does it shape up against BMW’s i5 Touring and the upcoming Audi A6 E-tron Avant? Find out, below.

Want a Passat estate that doesn’t run on any form of dino juice? Well, VW’s new ID.7 Tourer acts as an all-electric alternative to the former stalwart wagon. And, as you probably already guessed, it’s not as practical as its ICE stablemate. Let’s dig into why... 

Firstly, it’s worth noting that at 605 litres the ID.7’s boot is far from cramped. At that size it’ll comfortably swallow 99 percent of what most families care to throw at it. Then, when it’s time for removal duties or a trip to the tip, simply drop the rear seats to unlock the full commodious 1,714-litre cargo potential. As for the 85-litre storage deficit compared to the petrol-powered Passat, we believe the large underfloor batteries are partly culpable. 

While the ID.7’s figures should appeal to even the most discerning luggage enthusiasts, is it bigger than the VW’s closest rival, BMW’s i5 Touring? In a word: yes! At 570 litres, the bimmer trails the VW by a slight, but noticeable, 35 litres.

VW ID.7 Tourer Rear
We'd argue the ID.7 looks more appealing as a wagon than a saloon.
Image credit: VW

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15-love to VW for practicality. But can it match the Bavarian for driving thrills? It’s a big ask given BMW has built its reputation off the back of its cars’ dynamic prowess, however the fact the ID.7 is rear-wheel drive certainly goes in its favour.  

Power is plentiful, too. Just like the saloon you get 282-bhp (which is knocking on the door of Golf R shove), not bad for a sensible sofa-shifting family car. While range is a commendable 426-miles if you spec the largest 91kWh battery pack.

VW ID.7 Tourer boot with seats folded down
With the seats folded flat you'll need a map to find your way out of this load bay.
Image credit: VW

Inside, a new Wellness in-car app helps to soothe any pent-up rage caused by cargo items clanking incessantly on longer journeys. According to VW, this feature incorporates a pressure-point massage in the seats, as well as a smart glass panoramic sunroof that can be made opaque at the push of a button. Just like the new Golf, the ID.7 Tourer will also utilise VW’s new voice assistant with integrated ChatGPT, although buyers will receive this functionality post purchase via an OTA (over the air) update. 

VW’s new EV wagon certainly seems to tick all the right boxes, although Audi’s soon-to-follow A6 E-Tron Avant could well shake the segment up further. As always, demand for all three cars will likely hinge on perceived value for money. To that end, VW has revealed no pricing specifics, but expect to pay a similar figure to the saloon at around £50,000 – undercutting the BMW by a whopping £20,000.  

Is the ID.7 Tourer the complete package, or would you rather have an ICE-powered Passat instead? 

Hero image credit: VW

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