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NEW Continental UltraContact series pushes tyre sustainability to the NXT level

Continental Ultracontact NXT tyre
Continental tyres

Manufactured from up to 65% renewable, recycled and ISCC plus certified materials, the new UltraContact NXT tyre will offer exceptional efficiency and mileage performance for a range of EV and combustion vehicles.

As an increasing emphasis is placed on the sustainability of new cars – see, for example, Volvo's extensive use of recycled materials in the cabin of its EX30 – so too should we consider the environmental impact of the tyres with which they are shod.

That’s why Continental has been working tirelessly (if you pardon the pun) to develop a mass-produced offering which drastically reduces environmental impact. So how exactly have they achieved this?

Continental tyre
Continental Ultracontact NXT will be offered in a wide range of sizes.Image credit: Continental

Well, chiefly, they use sustainable materials from a host of unexpected sources. For example, resin is created from residual products in the paper and wood industries. While silicate is produced from the ash of rice husks – an agricultural waste product.

These new eco credentials haven’t come at the expense of performance either. Continental argues that “safety, performance, and sustainability go hand in hand” and as such, the new UltraContact NXT achieves the highest possible (A) EU rating for rolling resistance, wet braking, and exterior noise.

Audi Q4 E-tron
The Audi Q4 e-tron will be one of many EVs that the Ultracontact NXT will fitImage credit: Audi

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What’s more, while the NXT represents a huge leap forward, Continental is striving to continue this environmental innovation and achieve 100 percent sustainable materials in all its tyre products by 2050.

Available in 19 different sizes, the NXT has been designed to fit a wide array of popular models and drivetrain configurations. The Hanover-based manufacturer has already confirmed that the NXT will be offered for the following cars: Kia Niro, VW ID.3, Mercedes EQA, Tesla Model 3,Audi Q4 e-tron, Skoda Octavia, VW Golf 8, Audi A3 and many more.

So, whether you want to eke more range out of your EV, or simply reduce the environmental impact of your combustion car, why not consider a more sustainable option for your next set of rubber?

Video credit: Continental Tyres
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