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Bentley Blower Jnr: Pint-sized replica tackles 5,000-mile Christmas mission

Bentley Blower Jnr

The Little Car Company (LCC) returns with a miniaturised take on Bentley’s priceless Team Car No.2. But why has the road-legal replica embarked on an epic transcontinental maiden voyage? 

Crafted entirely by hand from materials true to the original design, the LCC’s latest collaboration with Bentley promises to be one of the coolest yet. With over 700 individual parts, the bespoke Blower Jnr captures almost every exquisite detail in an 85% scale recreation of Bentley’s most iconic racer.  

Much like it’s Tamiya and Ferrari ¾ scale brethren, the Jnr falls into a sub-class of car called an electric quadricycle. Therefore, before the powers that be grant road legality, each of those components must be rigorously tested to ensure compliance with EU L7e legislation.  

So how exactly is such a test conducted? Well, given the wacky nature of the brand’s offerings, it’s only fitting they’ve taken an equally zany approach to quality assurance. It’s set to collect a Christmas tree from the snowscape of Switzerland and return it to the UK in one-piece, all-in time for the joint Christmas party. For a little vehicle, with only 20 bhp from its 48v electric powertrain, the Blower Jnr has been set a mighty task. 

Bentley Blower Jnr
From the leather buckled bonnet straps to the handmade aluminium body, the Jnr is the most accurate Blower replica ever.
Image credit: Bentley Media

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A 5,000-mile journey would be a formidable road-trip in any car, but it’s positively heroic for one with a 45-mph top speed and just 60 miles of range. Nevertheless, both companies are confident in the Blower’s ability to deliver the Pine unscathed.  

The baby Bentley’s brave pilot will at least have a few creature comforts to make the mammoth mileage more bearable. Period-correct friction dampers should go some way to soaking up Europe’s rougher tracks, while front Brembo brakes provide ample stopping power (if you can get up enough speed to use their full force).  

With its open–top design and comically small windscreen, we just hope the driver has packed enough layers – and maybe some period appropriate driving gloves and goggles for dramatic effect.  

Do you think the Blower Jnr can save the day, or is the great voyage a little too ambitious for a drivable toy? 

Hero image credit: Bentley Media

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