Vredestein Baden B.V was established in Enschede, Holland just after World War Two ended. Known primarily for their impressive grip on snow-covered roads and aggressiveness on dry roads, Vredestein tyres are placed fourth in European consumers’ preferences.

In 1999 Vredestein launched their latest tyre to date – the Sportrac – which was instantly met with good reviews and featured on the front cover of many specialized magazines.

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Comtrac 2 All Season
Comtrac 2 Winter (Winter Tyre)
Grip Classic
Quatrac 2
Quatrac 3
Quatrac 5
The Quatrac 5 is an all season tyre with a unique design to deliver optimal performance in both winter and summer conditions.
Snowtrac 3
The Snowtrac 3 is a very safe tyre in snow and ice, with self-cleaning properties.
Sportrac 5
Sprint Classic
The Vredestein Sprint Classic is a vintage tyre designed for motoring enthusiasts.