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Tomket Van 3

Designed for light trucks and vans, the Tomket Van 3 is a summer tyre that increases your mileage while delivering supreme stability.

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Tomket Van 3 product description & features

Summer van tyre with asymmetrical tread pattern

Increased mileage potential

Enhanced grip and stability in both wet and dry conditions

Designed to get rid of water quickly and reduce chances of aquaplaning

With an asymmetrical tread pattern, the Van 3 delivers exceptional stability throughout summer weathers – including over wet and dry road conditions. Tomket have designed the tyre with three longitudinal grooves through the middle of the tyre to get rid of water quickly and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

To increase the tyre’s grip and enhance the response, Tomket have constructed the Van 3 using a special silica enhanced rubber. Alongside this, the durable bead of the Van 3 reduces the risk of mechanical damage to the tire – prolonging the tyres lifetime mileage.

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