Pirelli P3000
Pirelli P3000

Pirelli P3000

A perfectly symmetrical and compact tread pattern with ow rolling resistance and reduced fuel consumption


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Low rolling resistance/reduced fuel consumption.
  • Excellent handling in wet conditions
The look of the Pirelli P3000 Energy is in line with the Pirelli family feeling: a perfectly symmetrical and compact tread pattern, an ideal ratio between solids and voids, a conspicuous central channel, two broad, longitudinal zigzag grooves, robust bead blocks and wave-shaped sipes. The Pirelli P3000 Energy reacts to external stimuli, adapts itself to different driving conditions and manages to modify its characteristics in real time to exalt, when required, each individual performance parameter.
  • Although only fitted recently, i have noticed a huge difference already. The tyres were good value for money and i would most definatly buy the same tyres again. 13/10/2011
  • Good Tyre 21/12/2009
  • P3000 tyres excellent for most 'everyday' cars considering the price. Ride comfort has improved and road noise seems quieter since fitting 27/10/2008
  • Good tyres and reasonable price 16/09/2008
  • Excellent tyres 11/06/2008


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