Nokian Tyres

Nokian is a tyre manufacturer based in Nokia, Finland. Historically known for their expertise in the production of winter tyres, they also operate the only permanent winter tyre testing facility in the world.

In recent years the company had excelled in not only the production of winter tyres, but also summer tyres and all-season tyres - with the Nokian Weatherproof tyre recently winning the Auto Express all-season tyre test 2015.

Nokian Weatherproof tyre - top performance throughout the year - no matter the weather conditions

The Nokian Line summer tyre masters rapidly changing summer weather, offering the best possible grip and precise driving feel.
Line SUV
Nokian Line SUV is a 4x4 tyre that produces high performance and firm wet grip. The tyre features Nokian Tyres' Aramid Sidewall technology to improve durability.
Rotiiva AT
The Nokian Rotiiva AT is an all-terrain 4x4 tyre, constructed to perform both on and off road.
Rotiiva HT
Nokian have produced the Rotiiva HT to deliver a strong performance for 4x4s on a wide range of different road surfaces and in extreme weather conditions.

The Nokian Weatherproof is an All-Season tyre, capable of delivering a top performance throughout the year - no matter the weather conditions.

Weatherproof C
Weatherproof SUV

The Nokian Weatherproof SUV is an all season tyre designed for fitment on 4x4 vehicles.


WR A3 (Winter Tyre)
The Nokian WR A3 has been produced to tackle the varying winter weather conditions experienced throughout central European countries.
WR A4 (Winter Tyre)
Nokian's WR A4 is a winter tyre developed for use on high performance cars in the freezing winter months.
WR D3 (Winter Tyre)
The Nokian WR D3 delivers good traction on snow, with very good aquaplaning resistance and strong wet braking performance.