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Nankang Winter Activa SV-3 (Winter Tyre)

The Nankang Winter Activa SV-3 tyre is designed for optimal handling in harsh weather conditions.

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Nankang Winter Activa SV-3 (Winter Tyre) product description & features

The Nankang Winter Activa SV-3 is a high-performing directional tyre that delivers a safe and comfortable ride, with excellent grip, shorter braking distances, and confident handling on snow and ice. 

Classic V-shaped lateral grooves combined with the latest winter tread pattern ensure efficient water expulsion and a high resistance to aquaplaning. 

The Winter Activa SV-3 also bears the prestigious European Three Peak Mountain Snowflake mark, signifying winter excellence.

Nankang Winter Activa SV-3 (Winter Tyre) Tyre Reviews

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