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Dunlop SP372 City High Load

The Dunlop SP372 City High Load has been designed to suit a range of high-mileage bus services.

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Dunlop SP372 City High Load product description & features

Created with a tough and broad 5-rib tread, the SP372 City High Load has been designed with a ‘dedicated abrasion resistant tread compound’ to promote mileage potential and even wear over the tyre’s lifetime.

In order to increase traction and improve braking in all conditions, the tyre tread pattern features a high frequency blading. The SP372 City High Load also has reinforced sidewalls which leads to improved kerb scuffing resistance.

The SP372 City High Load carries the M+S symbol – standing for Mud and Snow – offering increased movement in the winter as well as outstanding grip in all seasons.

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