Continental Winter Contact TS860 (Winter Tyre)
Continental Winter Contact TS860 (Winter Tyre)

Continental Winter Contact TS860 (Winter Tyre)

Compared with its predecessor, the Continental WinterContact TS 860 delivers 5% better braking on wet roads, and braking distances are 4% shorter on ice. Continental have also worked to improve handling, grip and ride quality.



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Product description & features for Continental Winter Contact TS860 (Winter Tyre)

The Continental Winter Contact TS860 is a winter tyre designed to build on the safety performances and abilities of the successful TS 850.

The WinterContact TS 860 was named as the winner of the Auto Express winter tyre test - 2016.

To deliver a more effective braking performance, even on icy roads, Continental have produced 'Liquid Layer Drainage'. This new system works by incorporating an extra channel that is moulded throughout the tyre's tread block to allow water to quickly drain - helping to reduce braking distances on icy and slushy roads.

Continental have designed the WinterContact TS 860 with a V-shaped tread pattern, featuring 'SnowCurve' technology. With its 3D groove wall structure and, additional groove, the tyre is able to enhance the meshing effect when driving on snow - this helps to deliver stronger grip and enable more powerful better traction when driving on snow.

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