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If you were to ask a tyre expert - a member of the Blackcircles team let’s say - who is the official supplier of Formula 3000 as well as a strategic partner of the Formula Ford Championship and has won hundreds of titles in the most renowned bike races in the world? Quick as a flash they would give you the answer: "Avon".

For this traditional British constructer established in 1885 is one of the top leaders in bike tyre manufacturing, and has been taking control of championships' prize lists since as far back as 1960.

Throughout their history the Avon tyres have been chosen as original equipment by famous constructers, like Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Land Rover. In 1997 Avon merged with the American constructer Cooper - a profitbale union that has so far led to the creation of new bike tyres series such as Azaro. These new series have been very well received by motorbike enthusiasts the world over.

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Trailer 950
Trailer 950 is an able performer both on and off the road.
Turbospeed CR227
Cruise quietly and comfortably - perfect for large, luxury cars and elite marques. Black wall tyres 
Turbospeed CR227 (White Side Wall)
Cruise quietly and comfortably - perfect for large, luxury cars and elite marques. White wall tyre.
Turbospeed CR27

Avon's Turbospeed CR27 tyre has been designed for use on luxury and high performance vehicles.

Turbospeed CR39
Avon's Turbospeed CR39 has been designed specifically for use on cars with metric rims.
The Avon Turbosteel is designed for fitment on luxury and high performance cars.
Turbosteel ACR6D

The Turbostel ACR6D was designed for use on classic performance and luxury cars. Don't let the tyre's authentic appearance and tread pattern fool you, it has been created to provide you with the advantages of modern tyre technology.

Van Master
The Avon Van Master has a rubber compound specially formulated to cope with the harshest winter conditions.
WT7 Snow (Winter Tyre)

The WT7 is a winter tyre developed to meet the requirements and needs of smaller cars in the market.

WV7 Snow (Winter Tyre)
The Avon WV7 is a high performance winter tyre, designed to cope with extreme winter weather.

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