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Kleber Citilander

The Kleber Citilander tyre has been designed specifically to suit the needs of SUV vehicles in all weathers.

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Kleber Citilander product description & features

Designed for SUV vehicles, Kleber have designed the Citilander with stronger casing structure to be able to withstand most urban terrains. To ensure there is a reduced risk of aquaplaning, the Citilander has wide longitundinal grooves integrated in its tread pattern to swiftly remove water – increasing the safety of the tyre.

With an asymmetric tread pattern featuring multiple lateral grooves, Kleber have designed the Citilander to be the ideal SUV tyre for all weathers. The unique tread pattern ensures the tyre delivers exceptional traction in all types of weathers and terrains. The Citilander has also been awarded the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake marking as well as the Mud and Snow marking to highlight how well it performs all year round. With such a distinctive tread pattern, Kleber have reduced the potential of uneven wear and enhanced the lifetime of the Citilander SUV tyre.

This tyre is also covered by the Kleber Trust Satisfaction Guarantee if 2 or 4 Kleber tyres are purchased. If you are not 100% satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, you will be entitled to a full refund of the price of the tyre!

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