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Uniroyal RainSport 5 Car Tyre
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Uniroyal RainSport 5
225/40 R19 Y (93)

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Fuel Efficiency / Rolling Resistance: D Rolling resistance has a direct impact on fuel consumption. A tyre's rolling resistance score ranges from A to E.

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Wet Grip / Braking Performance: A A tyre's wet grip capacity is expressed in Grades from A to E. The difference in braking distances between each grade is roughly 3m - an average car length.

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Noise Emission / Exterior Noise: 72dBs, B rating The exterior noise grade of a tyre is expressed in decibels and accompanied by an external rolling noise rating - ranging from A (least exterior noise) to C (highest level of noise).

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Lifetime Guarantee
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This tyre is rated A for wet grip
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Product description & features

The Uniroyal RainSport 5 is a top-of-the-range high performing asymmetric tyre.  It delivers exceptional control and handling at high speeds in the wettest conditions.

The RainSport 5 boasts the latest wet tyre technology with wide ‘Shark Skin’ grooves cutting through the tread blocks, quickly clearing water from the tyre - guarding against aquaplaning.  Meanwhile, pioneering ‘Aqua-Twist’ sipes enhance water dispersion further, giving this tyre exceptional grip on dangerously slippery roads.

A strong outer shoulder with rigid tread blocks offers superb steering control and high curve stability, making this tyre a real pleasure for sporty driving.

Finally, Uniroyal have designed the RainSport 5 delivers on both noise and cost. Low rolling resistance, evenly distributed surface contact, and low abrasive tread technology ensures a quiet comfortable ride, great fuel efficiency and a long life.

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