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Continental Sport Contact 5 SUV SSR 4 x 4 Tyre
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Continental Sport Contact 5 SUV SSR
285/45 R19 W (111)

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Tyre labelling

Fuel Efficiency / Rolling Resistance: C Rolling resistance has a direct impact on fuel consumption. A tyre's rolling resistance score ranges from A to E.

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Wet Grip / Braking Performance: B A tyre's wet grip capacity is expressed in Grades from A to E. The difference in braking distances between each grade is roughly 3m - an average car length.

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Noise Emission / Exterior Noise: 73dBs / B The exterior noise grade of a tyre is expressed in decibels - accompanied by one, two or three sound waves, with one wave being the best noise level performance.

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Product description & features

The macro-block design on the tyre’s outer shoulder provides a greater contact area, helping the tyre adjust to the road surface – enhancing grip and safety when cornering.

With short-chain polymers in the Black Chilli compound, this tyre offers improved braking distance on both wet and dry roads. Due the vibrations within the compound being significantly lower at a constant speed and the absorbed energy being released more efficiently – this leads to a higher mileage whilst also reducing fuel consumption.

With Self-Supporting Runflat (SSR) technology, in the case of a puncture, the tyre is prevented from being crushed between the rim and the ground along with stopping the tyre from slipping off the rim – leading to a safer drive even in the case of damage.

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