Continental Eco Contact 5

Eco Contact 5

185/55 R15 H (82)

Improved tyre performance in key areas over Conti EcoContact 3 - Handling, Braking, Wear, Comfort, Reduced Rolling Resistance.

Designed for drivers who cover higher mileage but also provides lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption. Redesigned sidewall leads to improved rolling resistance.

Better wet performance with improved grip and short braking distances.

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Customer Comments

  • I feel my car is performing better with the tyre on

  • Handling is better and road noise is reduced.

  • Very grippy tyres, abused no end doing 2000 miles a month delivering pizzas. When I sold the car I'd lost 2mm off the front and slightly less on the rear, having done around 8000 miles in total on them. Liked them so much, bought a set for my new car even though it had 4 good tyres on it!

  • I only replaced 1 tyre but can tell there is slightly less tyre noise, so I will probably get the same tyre if any more need changing


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings for this size: 6

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  • Better wet performance with improved grip
  • Provides lower CO2 emissions
  • Improved rolling resistance
  • Improved fuel consumption

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