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Dunlop has a long standing link with bike tyres. For when John Boyd Dunlop – a Scottish veterinarian - created the first pneumatic tyre back in 1888, he was simply trying to improve the performance and comfort of his son’s bicycle. This invention was turned out to be the beginning of the Dunlop tyre company.

Since those humble origins, Dunlop has been pinnacle in the advancement of the bike tyre over the years. For example, it was Dunlop who first introduced the use of Kevlar belts in motorcycle tyres, before going on to produce the first original-equipment radial street tyre.

Dunlop D207

The Dunlop D207s are good value but the technology used is not as advanced as the 208s, which are seen to be a vast improvement on this range of tyres. The 207s have reasonable longevity for a Dunlop, but they are not the best model of tyre for some of the more powerful motorbikes out there.

Dunlop D207RR

The D207RRs are definitely an improvement on the 207s, as they perform well in all weather conditions and offer you excellent grip on the road and tracks. We feel that these tyres will offer you the desired levels of feedback even though they are made of a softer compound than other models of tyres. As with other Dunlop tyres they have admirable grip levels and will inspire confidence. The only quibble we have with the D207RRs is the mileage that you will get from these may not be as good as what other tyre models offer you, although this will depend on your riding style and how hard you ride the motorbike.

Dunlop 208

These Dunlop 208s will inspire confidence because of their solid grip, however they suffer from a similar problem that also affects the above models – they are not long lasting and the tread tends to wear down quite quickly. For the average motorbike rider these tyres are an ideal choice as the grip gets better the more frequently it is used. However, if you are going to be riding on tracks that are wet it is advisable to warm the 208s up beforehand. The D208s best selling point is their grip, as they are a great choice of tyre for dry tracks and offer the rider great feedback.

Dunlop 208RR

The Dunlop 208RRs are best suited to hypersport motorbikes and this tyre is made of a softer compound which allows great longevity compared to other models made of similar compounds which will wear down a lot faster. The main benefits of the D208RRs are the fact that they offer riders a strong road grip, have a quicker warm up time than the D208s, and the steering is also a lot quicker on these 208RRs than on the 208s.

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