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Continental A.G is a German tyre manufacturer who, at the current time, holds the fourth place on the international tyre market. At present they own more than forty plants and testing tracks all over the world. The company focuses more than half of its personnel on the tyre business, creating them to fit all kinds of vehicle, no matter the size, the shape or the speed capacity.

Their motorbike catalogue boasts a large number of products for all types of motorcycle – from high performance to off road, there is a tyre to meet the demands of any rider.

Continental Road Attack

The Continental Road Attack aims to give you the performance level of a sport tyre coupled with the mileage you get from a touring tyre – a good option if you are an all year round  biker, as this tyre will cope with all weather and track conditions. The Road Attack was chosen as the recommended tyre to be used with BMW motorbikes and is reasonably priced. The tyre offers fantastic grip and stability in all conditions, and can stand to be ridden fairly aggressively, depending on your riding style. We found that these Conti’s keep the rider aware of any unusual surfaces to help you read the road better. This is probably one of those things, like marmite, you will either love or hate if you purchase the tyres.

Continental Conti Force

The Conti Force tyre is the tyre of choice if you want steering that is quick to respond when taking corners hard. This tyre offers you extraordinary grip even in wet weather and helps keep your bike stable at all angles - even at higher speeds. We would advise that these Conti Force tyres are most suitable for heavy motorbikes that have moderate levels of horsepower - so if you ride a bike that falls into this category then these motorbike tyres are great value for money .

Continental Milestone

The Continental Milestones are suitable if you tend to do a high mileage on your bike. The tyre compound is made to be extremely resistant to avoid high levels of wear for cruisers and heavy touring motorbikes. The grip levels on this tyre are fantastic and will provide you with a more than adequate level of stability whilst cruising. The Conti Milestone also comes with a reasonable price tag considering the levels of grip, stability and handling.

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