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Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

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Maxxis tyres are an international tyre brand, dedicated to delivering high performance tyres to their customers.

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i Our range of motorbike tyres are currently available by mail order only.

Popular Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

Maxxis Supermaxx Touring M6029

Supermaxx Touring M6029

The Maxxis SuperMaxx M6029 is a motorbike tyre, developed for fitment on the market's high performance sport bikes.

  • Developed for modern sport bikes
  • Designed using advanced technology
  • Responsive handling and stability
Maxxis Magsport C6501 tyres

Magsport C6501

Maxxis have developed the Magsport C6501 to provide riders with strong levels of traction and reliable straight line handling.

  • Sport Motorbike tyre
  • High mileage tyre
  • Reliable, consistent performance
Maxxis Supermaxx ST

Maxxis Supermaxx ST

The Maxxis Supermaxx ST is a sport touring motorcycle tyre developed for reliable and high performance.

  • High performance tyre
  • Outstanding grip
  • Improves structural rigidity
Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS

Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS

The Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS is a sports touring motorbike tyre with enhanced braking and traction in both wet and dry conditions.

  • New ultra tread compound
  • Unique diamond shoulder tread pattern
  • Kevlar belts for increased strength

Maxxis Tyres, renowned for its innovation and quality, specialises in producing high-performance motorcycle tyres among its diverse range. Originating from Taiwan, Maxxis has established a global reputation by delivering tyres that blend advanced technology with durability. With a strong focus on safety, performance, and reliability, Maxxis motorcycle tyres are designed to meet the rigorous demands of riders worldwide, ensuring a superior ride experience on various terrains.

To find about more about this brand please visit Maxxis Tyres.

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Discover the Maxxis M6029, a motorcycle tyre available to order online today.

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Supermaxx ST

The Maxxis Supermaxx ST is a sport touring motorcycle tyre manufactured to deliver strong levels of grip in a variety of weather conditions.

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Supermaxx Sport MA-PS

The Maxxis Supermaxx Sport MA-PS is a sport motorcycle tyre that delivers an excellent traction performance and stable straight line handling. The tyre's high mileage compound offers good value for money.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Does Maxxis make motorcycle tyres?

Yes, Maxxis does manufacture motorcycle tyres. Maxxis is a well-known tyre brand that produces a wide range of tyres for various types of vehicles, including motorcycles.

Are Maxxis motorcycle tyres good?

Maxxis motorcycle tyres are generally well-regarded in the motorcycle community for their quality, performance, and value. They have a reputation for offering durable tyres that provide good traction and handling in a variety of riding conditions.

How long do Maxxis motorbike tyres last?

The lifespan of a Maxxis motorbike tyre will vary based on several factors. These can include the tyre type, your riding habits, and overall maintenance of the tyres after purchase. On average, a motorcycle tyres can last anywhere from 3,500 to over 10,000 miles. However, this is not guaranteed, and you may experience different results.

Does Blackcircles.com offer supply & fit on Maxxis bike tyres?

No, Blackcircles.com operates on a mail-order basis for Maxxis bike tyres. At present we do not offer a supply and fit service for motorcycle tyres. You can shop through a wide selection of Maxxis motorcycle tyres on our website and your chosen tyres delivered to your home or a preferred address. This convenient mail-order service allows you to purchase Maxxis tyres online and arrange for fitting at your own convenience.

Is next-day delivery available on Maxxis motorbike tyres?

We will confirm an expected date after the stock has been dispatched. In some cases, delivery can be quicker depending on where our stock is located.