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550-bhp VW ID.X Performance previews future of fast EV saloons 

VW ID.X Performance concept car

The aggressively styled concept offers a glimpse of what the upcoming ID.7 GTX could look like.

Japanese Knotweed is a particularly invasive species of plant, which – if left uncontrolled – grows rapidly, preventing surrounding flowers and shrubs from developing. Bear with us here, we’re coming back to VW.  

Just like the flora which Knotweed starves of precious nutrients, the once highly-popular performance saloon segment – which saw nearly every marque throwing its hat into the ring at one time or another – has been largely smothered of late by SUVs.  

Alpine A290
An enormous rear wing might not be ideal for visibility, but the added downforce makes it a worthwhile compromise.
Image credit: VW

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That’s why we’re excited to see automotive powerhouse VW making moves to resurrect the sub-genre in a very current, EV-powered way.  

The ID.X Performance is a 550bhp, 4-wheel-drive, electric concept which previews a faster, more enthusiast-focused version of the ID.7 saloon.

According to Andreas Reckenwerth, Head of Technology Office MEB, VW, the ID.X combines “…sporty performance with the elegant lines of a limousine.” Just like iconic fast saloons such as the BMW M5 and Mercedes C63.  

Unlike many concepts, the ID.X’s internals have been showered with the same attention as the touring car-esque exterior styling. By adding an extra motor to the front axle and 60mm lower performance-oriented suspension to each corner, VW have ensured that the big saloon has scalpel-like precision in the corners.  

VW ID.X Performance Cabin
Carbon bucket seats will grip you firmly in place regardless of how fast you take that chicane. 
Image credit: VW

While those spectacular 20-inch gold wheels look similar to the items you’d find on the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and sport equally racey Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tyres. Reserved for all but the most extreme vehicles, these road-legal, track-ready boots offer exceptionally high lateral grip and demonstrate that VW means business with the ID.X’s sporting aspirations.  

Other notable performance upgrades include larger brake discs and calipers (an essential given the considerable weight of sporty EVs) and a locking differential to direct power where it’s needed most at any given moment.  

VW ID.X Performance
Red accents on the flared side skirts and rear defuser suggest that this is no regular ID.7.
Image credit:  VW

Interestingly, there have also been sightings of the ID.7 in estate form, so it stands to reason that the revival of an even rarer class of car might be on the cards: the high-performance estate. Exciting times indeed.  

While we will have to wait and see how closely related the concept is to the production spec ID.7 GTX, if it’s even half as special as the ID.X, then VW should be on to a winner.  

Do you think more manufacturers should invest in the performance saloon segment, or would you rather your sporty family bus has off-road potential too?  

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