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Top 5 best electric cars for families 2024

Mercedes EQS

With most car makers now offering at least one electric family vehicle, you no longer need to settle for subpar. Here are the best family EVs for price, practicality, performance, and everything else besides.

We’ve reached the point in the evolution of the automobile where buying an electric family car is no longer considered a maverick, left field move. But, although you won't qualify for early-adopter bragging rights, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your next set of environmentally friendly wheels.  

Whether you’re making the move to EV life reluctantly, or you’re excited to experience what the new format has to offer, we’ve cherry picked the best electric family cars on sale, so you don’t have to.

MG ZS – Best budget family EV

The ZS EV is an attractive if slightly generic shape, but the figures speak for themselves. 
Image credit: MG

Right now, the only thing more ‘on-trend’ than electric cars is the crossover body shape. Logically, then, most car makers have combined the two buzz phrases for maximum commercial success.  

But that’s no bad thing, these electric soft-roaders can be just the ticket if you’re after a versatile family runaround with rugged looks and smidge of extra ground clearance. Unfortunately, many are prohibitively pricey, although MG’s ZS proves there’s an exception to every rule.   

Starting from just £30,000, the ZS EV highlights that going green doesn’t need to break the bank. And, even at such an attractive entry point, the MG comes well equipped and sporting a useful 246-mile battery in extended range guise. Sure, the interior fit and finish might be a little rough round the edges (sometimes literally), but with a larger boot than its petrol stablemate and ample interior space, the ZS EV is hard to beat for practical and frugal electric motoring.  

Polestar 2 – Most stylish family EV

Polestar 2
The Polestar 2’s sharp styling won it gold at 2020’s Paris Design Awards.
Image credit: Polestar

Styling is subjective, although you’d be hard pressed to argue Polestar’s 2 fell out the ugly tree. Adopting a traditionally minimalist design language with distinctive accents, we think the 2 is the best-looking electric SUV on sale – and so do the impassioned members of the Polestar Owners Club

Whether or not you agree is entirely up to you, however the Swedish EV has many more strings to its bow. It’s got a commendable 406-mile maximum range for starters, as well as entertaining driving dynamics and plenty of performance.  

You will need to compromise on practicality slightly if you want a truly sleek family taxi, but a 405-litre boot should be large enough for most duties. If you’ve got a Tesla Model 3 in your sights, Polestar’s 2 is a circa £40,000 family EV that’s well worth considering before you pull the trigger.

Hyundai Ionic 5 N – Best performance family EV

Hyundai Ionic 5 N
Hyundai’s N division has made an EV that’s got petrolheads questioning their allegiance to fossil fuel.
Image credit: Hyundai

Switching to all-electric is a move which instills fear in petrolheads far and wide — with a loss of engagement and driver feedback being the most cited casualties of ditching an ICE heart.  

But, just as the ZS proves family EVs don’t need to be expensive, Hyundai’s Ionic 5 N is evidence they can be fun, too! As a modern alternative to the likes of Honda’s Civic Type R and VW’s Golf GTI/R, the Ionic 5 N was designed and engineered to silence EV haters by a team which included the likes of former Ford Focus RS developer, Tyrone Johnson.  

641 bhp and a 3.4 second 0-60 mph sprint will immediately grab your attention; the adjustable handling and cleverly calibrated powertrain will leave a lasting impression. And the best part? It’s every bit as practical as the standard Ionic 5 underneath. Win-win.

BMW iX – Best 4x4 family EV

That gigantic grille might make you wince, but it actually houses the car’s radar sensors and can even self-heal like The Terminator.
Image credit: BMW

With a face like that, it could be only one car: BMW’s iX SUV. Unlike the pretty Polestar, the iX’s styling (gaudy grille and bulbous rear included) seems to actively aggrieve many. Which is a shame really, as a truly extraordinary family EV lies beneath.  

From its pillowy soft air suspension that could make a plowed field feel smoother than a pane of glass, to its sumptuously appointed interior with the finest materials and one of the best sound systems ever fitted to a car, the exterior styling quickly becomes irrelevant when you’re behind the wheel.  

As for the family stuff, well, if you can afford the eye-watering £72,195 RRP, the iX will look after your kids, dog, trombone, and whatever else you care to throw at it. The biggest battery variants boast a range just shy of 400 miles (handy if you have a longer commute), while a 500-litre load capacity and standard four-wheel drive make it easy to live with.  

Acting as a worthy flagship family EV for the BMW range, the iX is a poignant reminder that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Mercedes EQS – Best long-range family EV

Mercedes EQS
As an electric alternative to the S-Class, EQS was destined to raise the bar from day one.
Image credit: Mercedes

Last but by no means least, Mercedes’ EQS delivers massive headline figures: an enormous 610-litre boot, a vast 452-mile range, and, unfortunately, a six-figure price tag to match. You can’t win ‘em all… 

Given the sky-high £104,000 starting figure, the EQS is beyond the reach of most families. However, if you are fortunate enough to possess the necessary funds, this is the ultimate family EV.  

With a real-world range that’s longer than any EV we can think of, the EQS treads new ground and proves that range anxiety could soon be an obsolete notion. Even if you take its batteries out the equation, though, the EQS is stuffed full of innovative tech that’s impressive on its own.  

In fact, there’s so much of the stuff we’d need to dedicate an entire article (or paperback book) to doing it all justice. Our personal highlights include the wickedly effective rear-wheel steering and wraparound ‘Hyperscreen’ dash. Your kids will probably never tire of playing with all those features, but if they do end up nodding off, the double glazing and incredible sound insulation ensure they won’t stir until you’ve reached your destination.  

Which of our top five family EVs piqued your interest?  Do you get what you pay for with the ultra-luxurious BMW iX and Mercedes EQS, or is the honest and affordable MG ZS EV more up your alley?

Hero image credit:  Mercedes

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