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New £25,000 Renault 5 EV blends retro with revolutionary

From baguette holders to recycled seats, join Jonny as he unwraps 2024’s quirkiest new car. Is this the dawn of a new era for Renault? Keep reading to find out.

Believe it or not, Renault’s Zoe is now over ten years old. And you know what that means: it’s time for a bold new successor… 

You’re looking at the all-new, production-ready R5, and it’s quite obviously a retro-inspired replacement for the popular Zoe. Don’t think that it’s some corny throwback with no real substance though, Renault’s taken its sweet time behind the scenes too.  

First impressions are strong; we can’t remember the last time a new model looked this similar to its conceptual renderings. With hints of the classic 5 woven throughout its compact design, Jonny is enthused by the overall styling mantra.

At the front, square monikers within the headlights hark back to the 5 GT Turbo’s fog lamps, while a faux bonnet louvre serves as a battery charge indicator. Then there’s the flared arches, and the red piping which follows the roofline into the rear – both, Renault 5 signatures.

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In similarly historic fashion, the wheels have been pushed out to the extremities to optimise handling and improve interior space. Interestingly, Jonny also discovers that all three wheel options are the same size, with buyers choosing between two alloy designs or a steel wheel for a vintage look. But, regardless of which style you pick, standard Continental EcoContact 6Q tyres ensure reduced rolling resistance and confidence-inspiring dry and wet weather handling.  

Inside, things start to get properly whacky. Thanks to a drive towards using 85% recyclable materials the touchpoints and chairs are clad in recycled plastic bottles. This old-meets-new theme continues to amuse Jonny as he mentions the virtual assistant in the same breath as the optional wicker baguette basket (we’re not kidding). There’s even a lipstick-shaped drive selector! 

But how does it perform as a car? What’s the driving range like? Is the acceleration strong? Well, simply click the video to find out.

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