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Peugeot E-5008 – All-electric stylish seven-seater SUV, but at what cost?   

Peugeot E-5008 Front/side view

Not quite a unicorn in the SUV market, but certainly rare. Peugeot’s new all-electric seven-seater may fill a gap for larger families looking to make the jump from pump to plug. 

Seven-seater SUVs tend to be bought out of necessity rather than desire, and while there are a few options available, electric power-train models certainly don’t grow on trees. Combine this with the premium pricing of its few competitors, and we think the upcoming Peugeot E-5008 might be an enticing family offering.

One glance at the E-5008 and you have probably spotted the hallmarks of the current EV market — stylish, uncluttered grill? Tick. Futuristic wheel designs? Tick. We could go on, but by lifting the E-3008’s smooth yet angular looks, stretching them along the E-5008’s longer wheelbase, and adding in some boxy SUV elements towards the back, Peugeot have made premium-looking, practical family car.

What really sets the E-5008 from its smaller sibling however, can be found behind its larger rear doors — a third row of seats. Like the Kia EV9, some clever work has been done back here to ensure seven people can actually fit in you seven-seater. In this case, a dropped area of the floor where an EV’s batteries would usually get in the way, have allowed room to (almost) stretch your legs.

Peugeot E-5008 rear/side view
Contemporary SUV design stretched across the E-5008's long wheelbase.
Image credit: Stellantis

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However, with all seven seats in place, the Peugeot’s 259-litre boot falls far short of the Kia’s 333-litre offering. Although when the whole family isn’t travelling in force, the third row can be flattened to bump this up to 748 litres, add the second row as well to get an admirable 1815 litres. Still room for even the largest family food shop.

Up in the pilot’s seat, the popular dashboard and centre console have been copied and pasted from the E-3008, furthering the premium aesthetic, in a racing-spaceship sort of way. The massive 21-inch infotainment screen and shortcut buttons (very originally named the i-Cockpit and i-Toggle) give access to Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, smartphone mirroring, and even a Chat GPT function as standard, cementing this SUV as progressive.

At launch, three electric powertrains options will be available. The single motor can be hooked up to either a 73 kwh or a larger 98 kwh battery, the latter offering a range of over 400 miles — knocking even the high-end Volvo EX90’s 364-mile range out of the park. No excuse for avoiding trips to see the in-laws now! 

Peugeot E-5008 interior
An interior suitable for exploring outer space, or for taking the kids to school — whatever suits you.
Image credit:  Stellantis

The dual motor powertrain can also squeeze an additional 120 bhp from the smaller battery, while limiting the range to around 310 miles. With the 321 bhp this produces in mind, this might be a good time to mention that Peugeot boasts over 40 driver assistance and safety systems, although you may need to wait until you are behind the wheel for more details as they have been relatively tight-lipped. We’re expecting slightly less than the EX90 (considering it is built like a fortress), but based on the standard Peugeot 5008 and the E-3008, there should be enough to keep the family safe at any (legal) speed.  

Petrol heads, thank you for reading this far. You may also breathe a sigh of relief as Peugeot have confirmed both a mild and plug-in hybrid models will be available further down the line.

No matter which powertrain you choose, it looks like Peugeot have chosen to partner with Michelin for its innovative release, probably opting for CrossClimate 2 SUV tyres for maximum safety and performance in all weathers.

Now, premium design and feel like that of the E-5008 usually come at a cost, and this is no different, with prices expected to from around £50,000. However, what makes this different is the pricing of its competitors. The Kia EV9 starts at £65,025, whilst the Volvo EX90 comes in at a mammoth £96,255. In fact, the only real competitor for price, the Mercedes-Benz EQB at £52,800, can’t match the Peugeot for range, third row seating space, or even interior quality to our eye.

So, considering the limited options for electric seven-seater SUVs, we think this may be a bang-for-your-buck contender. But would it be your choice for getting the whole family from A to B? Let us know.

Hero image credit:  Stellantis