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New MG3 hybrid shakes up B-segment with striking performance and efficiency 

MG3 hybrid

MG’s cheapest car is back and it’s raring to hoover up Clio, Fiesta, and Corsa clientele. Now with a hybridised powertrain and a fresh new look, is this the supermini we’ve been waiting for?

It’s safe to say the outgoing MG3 wasn’t in line to win any design awards, which as far as the new model is concerned, is a good thing. With its droopy front end and superfluous slashes and indentations, this latest 3 isn’t to our taste, either, although we must concede that it does at least look more modern than before.  

But styling is subjective, what really matters is the MG’s prowess as a mode of transport, and on nearly all fronts it looks like the Chinese have produced something of a class leader. 

Starting with the performance, the new 1.5-litre petrol hybrid set-up runs on the Atkinson Cycle — a type of combustion engine which typically offers efficiency at the expense of power. However, thanks to the introduction of an electric motor, the MG3 offers the best of both worlds in terms of strong power (192 bhp) and a combined fuel economy of 64 mpg. When paired with the new three-speed automatic gearbox — which sounds a bit rudimentary, but it’s probably preferable to the ubiquitous CVT — the baby MG will crack 62 mph in a punchy eight seconds.

MG3 Hybrid rear
The rear has a fairly generic but inoffensive small car look.
Image credit: MG

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Equally intriguing are MG’s claims that the supermini has been engineered with a ‘fun-to-drive’ spirit’ — something for which the discontinued Fiesta was famed. Helping to deliver maximum driving thrills for minimal outlay, three different driving modes ranging from Eco to Comfort and Sport, allow drivers to dial in the exact level of performance and response they require.  

Meanwhile, new ultra-high stiffness chassis components and lightened suspension parts have been engineered to maximise grip and improve ride quality. Interestingly, MG also claims that the vehicles’ driving dynamics have been fine-tuned specifically for different markets. With any luck, UK-spec cars will be on the softer side given the appalling state of our asphalt as of late.  

Things are less radical inside, but there’s little to complain about. Sat Nav and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay are available as standard, while higher-spec variants get luxuries including heated seats and steering wheel, as well as a 360-degree reversing camera.

MG3 Interior
Interior has a grown-up feel with quilted leatherette seats and twin digital displays.
Image credit:  MG

Crucially, you’ll also be safe as houses in the new MG3, as the watchful eye of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), helps to prevent accidents of varying speeds and severities. These include Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, and several more.  

So, when can I get one, and how much is it going to cost? Well, uncertainty surrounds both those questions. Despite this, estimates suggest a starting point of around £18,000, which would make the MG3 one of the cheapest new hybrids on sale in the UK market.  

Do you think British buyers will be convinced by MG’s revamped supermini? Let us know who makes your favourite small car. 

Hero image credit: MG

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